Big blue views


Enjoying the view from the forest and soaking in the big blue – while back country skiing this past weekend. The peak on the far left is Mount Aetna.


Playing is essential is a concept I have been sharing (somewhat sporadically as of late) on my Lisa DeYoung VA facebook page – a play photo with just a short clip about play I enjoyed in the past week.

Play is an important value here at the mountain mermaid – which is why it is also important to share with my VA clients, too.

And recently ‘playing is essential’ has felt like something I want to share with my mermaid tribe first (and regularly), so I’m hoping to make this a new weekly regular here – on Monday or Tuesday.

What is play for you? What play did you enjoy this past week? I’d love to hear!




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One response to “Big blue views

  1. Play is so very important in our world. Love that you are embracing it.

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