Two Humps Turns


Fun powder in a back country area we call Two Humps, this past weekend. We were having so much fun, we didn’t take much time to snap pics.


Photo credit: Tim DeYoung

And even though my head got cut-off in this image, I love how it shows my skis swimming through the pow. I don’t usually get to see this part of my turns. Thanks to my hubby for taking a minute to snap this photo.

What play did you get up to this week?




P.S. I’m loving the precious color-in play sheet I’m finishing up for this month’s mountain mermaid tales. I’d love to have you join my small band of intrepid mermaids who receive one every month. Sign-up here by the end of Tuesday to receive this month’s tales (e-mailing Wednesday:)



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One response to “Two Humps Turns

  1. While you were skiing . . . 98 miles away I was kayaking. Cabin fever this winter really has me jumping in the truck every time there’s a break in the weather. Got to get out on the water 3 times in the past week! Bald eagles are in the area right now and have reluctantly shared their space with me and my friends. We seem to make quite a ruckus when we’re paddling. ;-D

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