When do you feel on top of the world?


On Sunday my hubby and I made the trek to Copper Mountain Resort – where we get one complimentary lift ticket by showing our Monarch season pass. It was a beautiful spring skiing day (and they’d even received a few new inches of snow over night).

CopperBowlMap I felt on top of the world after taking the snow cat to the saddle of Tucker Mountain and then climbing the last 20 minutes to the summit. The ski down was pretty fun, too:)

Feeling on top of the world can be literal – like at 12, 337 feet and above treeline – and metaphorical. In my case yesterday, I’d say it was both. What a beautiful moment in time!

When you do feel on top of the world?





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2 responses to “When do you feel on top of the world?

  1. Oh, Lisa, thank you for asking! I had the feeling of elation last May while kayaking in Kansas (of all places!). I had made the trek with my hubby to specifically kayak at Lake Wilson, a place where our family camped in the 70’s. Rock City is a place in the lake that I’d heard about but had never seen. There is no road to Rock City, you have to paddle to it. I battled a little bit of wind, but oh my! it was so worth it. I rounded a bend and just got giddy with excitement. It just got better! I was praising God at all of this natural wonder. My husband had dropped me off, so it was just me and the rocks, red ~ yellow ~ orange ~ brown spires shot straight out of the water! Oh YES! I definitely felt on top of the world.

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