Creating Letters that Work & Play Together


This past weekend my play included drawing capitals.

Lves-GroupPhotoI had the pleasure of being a student in a Drawn Capitals workshop – taught by the talented Belgian calligrapher Lves Leterme, and organized by the wonderful and (also) talented ladies of the Summit Scribes.

The lettering required precision, and maybe was even a little bit tedious work – but it was a pleasure to be playing with letters in the company of such a fantastic group, and I learned a lot. Yves was a fun & patient teacher.

We started with the basics of formal trajan letters and moved into ‘breaking the rules’. I loved it when Yves described creating letters that work & play together. I’m working on that for sure!

The piece above was one of the last things I created – it is done in pencil (like most of our work over the weekend). It is raw and a bit ragged, but I love what I have learned about my letters from it – and I had fun adding a bit of color around it in the computer.

I’d love to hear about your play look like this past week?




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