Catching a Glimpse of the Angel


On Saturday spring had sprung in all her glory. Where I live this is not so much the flowers yet, but being warm enough to pedal my bike in shorts – and catch a glimpse of the Angel of Shavano. Mount Shavano, where she lives, is a fourteener that rises to 14,231 ft (4,338 m) and is one of the peaks that watches over the valley where I live.

Do you see her with her arms spread wide above her head watching over the valley? She makes appearances in the winter some times too, but on Saturday it was a full on spring siting.

Sunday snow fell again, and this morning I noticed she had her blanket on. I’m sure it won’t be there for long…and then before I know it she will have disappeared into the mountain for the summer.

I am grateful she is still watching over the valley this spring…it bodes well for the river flow and the moisture in the valley. A few years ago when our drought was quite bad she had already disappeared into the mountain by now.

What spring things do you notice when you’re out and about where you live? I’d love to hear.





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