Developing Creative Practices


I have to admit it is all I can do to be on the computer to create this post. My work as a VA has been keeping me busy on the computer for a record number of hours this past month. I’m not complaining – because my clients are doing amazing work and I am honored to be part of each of their creative teams helping bring their work into the world.

create-cardsIn the beginning of this year I chose the word lush, as the word to guide me through my year. Creative practices is the phrase I found tagging along with that word. I dreamt of developing lush creative practices, and I even created cards to help me stay on track.

Since the stories I share here feel part of my creative practices as well, I knew that I could not let the week go by without sharing something – and getting the challenge of juggling create, play, thrive and work out here on the web for anyone to read is a bit of a relief.

Although I feel I’ve made some progress with my creative practices, I have to take a deep breath, come back to the present and let go when the could’ve done more, should’ve finished this, would’ve been better ifs show up.

Sure I haven’t drawn every day, or finished (or even started) all of the creative work I’ve intended to, but I have created a lot – not the least of which are the fun downloadable color-in play sheets I’m sharing with subscribers to my monthly mountain mermaid tales.

I’m almost done with May’s play sheet, and I can’t wait to share it. It addresses another practice I’ve adopted (hint: it helps me with the shoulda, coulda woulda I mentioned above). You can join the small band of intrepid mermaids by clicking here.

I didn’t mean to get sidetracked with that little shameless plug, but as I was writing I realized these play sheets have been a big and important part of my creative practice in 2014.

HandBlindContour_webI’ll leave you with a recent blind contour drawing I did. This is part of my drawing practice that has been anything but lush in the first third of this year. My dear friend (and amazing artist) Melinda Canino is inspiring me to practice with her, so I hope to get this part of my practice blooming soon. Thanks for all your quiet inspiration Melinda!

Thanks for listening as I’ve aired my challenges developing my creative practices. What creative practices are you interested in cultivating in 2014? What are your challenges in doing so?

I can attest to the fact that it is not too late! And if it doesn’t happen today, take a deep breath and remember to be present with where you are in the moment – because this moment is all we really have.

Deep breath!




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  1. mschilcher

    Very nice post! I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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