Playing in the Rain


Living in Colorado, especially with the ongoing drought of the last several years, I had forgotten what it was like to wander in the rain. On my recent visit to western Massachusetts we decided to head outside despite the drizzly weather.

We wanted to explore the Hawley town site that my nephew Leon had discovered on his run the day before.


Tavern Foundation

I didn’t know we would be drawn into the mystery of what happened to this town, and also the plants & animals – in spite of the rain. I didn’t plan on wandering in the rain, and was grateful for the umbrella my brother-in-law offered up. It helped to shield the wind and the rain drops, and keep me relatively warm as the rain ebbed & flowed and we wandered further. Here is a peek at a few of the things we discovered:

Pitcher Plant

This Pitcher Plant was fascinating. The ‘pitchers’ had a leathery texture – clearly not brand new growth, so they must survive the New England winter. This reminds me of the life of a cactus (from my stomping ground) that does not begin completely anew each spring.


Unfurling Fern




Here we are – me between my hubby (left) and my brother-in-law (right) – playing in the rain!

Have you had any fun umbrella adventures lately? I think this was my first 🙂





P.S. This little adventure was part of a week long trip back east that included three days criss-crossing NYC  (and staying with my nephew Avi in Brooklyn); a night at my sister’s home near Boston (that included lobster); and our stay in western Mass – at the Plantation House in Charlemont – for my niece’s graduation. More about these adventures to come.



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2 responses to “Playing in the Rain

  1. Lucinda the Medfield Mermaid

    Love to see your pictures, Sorry I missed that hike in rain, but the kitchen was my domain that afternoon. So glad you actually made it to Medfield!

  2. Lucinda the Medfield Mermaid

    I’m the other sister still in Medfield. I didn’t walk in the rain either, but I drove in the pouring rain today to take my daughter to work. I’m from Fort Collins Colorado and I enjoy the rain when I’m on the east coast. The Medfield Mermaid and I manned (or womaned) the kitchen! It was some fun! It’s my way of playing.

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