Going with the Flow


It’s summer time in Salida.

The river is flowing and the boaters are here.

It was FIBArk this past weekend which meant lots of live music, boat races of all sorts – including a bit of hooliganism – and the carnival.


So I spent my weekend taking it all in – I even indulged in a sunset ferris wheel ride.

Indulging in PLAY is essential.


And right now all I seem to wanna do is play outside…
so I’m going with that flow.

There are all sorts of things calling me outside to play…like camping overnights, exploring the high country on foot and two wheels, swimming in that flowing river (when it comes down a bit more:), wildflowers and maybe even a few wild animals:)


And there is also the garden which calls me to tend and harvest so I can eat yummy greens – and later tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and more.


And pizza to put on the grill

All of this…at the expense of sharing creAte, PLaY, ThrIvE – which is also a form of play for me, and always in my heartfelt intentions.

I still plan to share this summer, but I’m going with the flow of being more sporadic in my postings.

What play do you plan to indulge in this summer? Go outside and do it! And then…come back and share when you have a spare minute:) I promise I’ll do the same.





P.S. You can also find spontaneous #createplaythrive posts on Instagram where I post at lisa_deyoung. Instagram is so easy & fun – it’s my new create addiction!

P.S.S. My indulgence in play has also caused me to be late with mountain mermaid tales this month. But I promise I will get it out later this week…or perhaps next. It will encourage you to play, so if you’re not signed up I’d love for you to take a minute and join the intrepid mermaids that are.  Click here to learn more and to subscribe.


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