My idea of relaxin’…at 11,000 ft


…at the base of Mt White (you can’t quite see the summit of Mt. White behind us — it is 13,667 ft and we’re at ~11,000 feet)
…playing with camera effects on my Canon PowerShot (the image above was taken with the toy camera effect 🙂

BareFeet…airing out my sweaty toes
…eatin’ cherries & roasted pumpkin seeds


…soakin’ in the views (that is Mt Antero in the distance — it is 14,276 feet)


…and this view — back to our valley where we started & finished the day.
…and listening to the quiet (and a few birds and critters, and jets overhead – of course)


…dippin’ my hands in the snowy cold water and rinsing my face (Little Browns Creek)


I swear it was just snow yesterday — this is where it begins…


…and then there was mother nature’s garden on the 4 miles to and fro — beautiful colors, smells & sounds — a feast for all of the senses.

I am always in awe of the surroundings in my backyard! What a great way to spend my Sunday!

Everyone’s idea of relaxation and play are different — what are yours?





P.S. The next edition of mermaid tales will be here soon. This month I’ll be doing a round-up of all the creative color-in play sheets from this year! Subscribe and you’ll receive access to the first seven play sheets, along with the musings play sheet. I hope you’ll join in the adventures with my small band of intrepid mermaids!




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2 responses to “My idea of relaxin’…at 11,000 ft

  1. Ahhhh, what gorgeous views! Purple flowers are my fav! You and hubby are an inspiration as always ♥

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