Up Where the Air is Thin


ThinAirSelfie2Some people might say I’m just about always where the air is thin — I do live at 7,000 ft elevation after all.

Coloradans may have a bit of a skewed view on where the air becomes thin. 7,000 ft is my normal — I start noticing the altitude as I wander above ~ 11,500 ft or so. (click here to see my recent post on my idea of relaxing…at 11,000 ft)

On this particular day (a few weeks ago) my adventures took me to 14, 265 ft — to the summit of Castle Peak. The panorama was breathtaking — in more ways than one. I was definitely feelin’ a bit loopy!

I was also feeling quite accomplished — considering some of the maneuvering I took to get there.


Marching across a snow field ~13,100 ft


Scrambling along an exposed ridge ~14,000 ft (I was smiling for this photo, but I had to be coerced to continue in a few spots.)


Looking down at a beautiful frozen puddle (~ 13,400 ft)
I honestly can’t remember where I took this pic from…but on the ascent 🙂

I couldn’t get feeling too proud until I got myself back down to where the air got a little thicker — so to speak…


The guy in red…that’s my hubby glissading back down a snow field ~ 13,400 ft. I scrambled down on the sharp scree until the slope angle mellowed out — and then it was yipee…as I slid down the old snow field on my butt!


Back down ~ 11,000 feet the water is flowing, and green is everywhere!


And colorful wildflowers, too (Indian Paintbrush)


Columbine – it still amazes me that these delicate beauties flourish at such a high altitude!


Our day ended tired and a bit sore back at ~9,800 ft. — at our room with a view (my favorite kind of “hotel room”)!

I know this is not everyone’s idea of adventure… some folks like an even more technical route to the summit using ropes and ice axes, and some folks prefer to stay in Aspen and soak in the views from a sunny cafe. I’m somewhere in the middle, and it’s all good!

Embrace your adventure, and enJOY it while the summer is in full swing!

I hope you’ll stop back and share!





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2 responses to “Up Where the Air is Thin

  1. Love seeing your adventures, Lisa! Excellent pix. I don’t think I’ve ever been that high (physically, mentally)! My bucket list includes returning to Mt Katahdin, as it kicked my butt only a 1/4 way up a few years ago! You ROCK, literally!! ~L♥

  2. Living (and loving Colorado) vicariously through you, Lisa! Thanks for sharing your day.

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