New Steps, Fresh Perspective


It’s been a little over five weeks since arthroscopy on my left knee. I’ve been doing physical therapy exercises, a modified yoga practice and pedaling my bike around town…and oh how I’ve missed the dirt. This past weekend I finally took to the trails in the Arkansas Hills just outside of Salida.

Come along on my hike with me…
You always have to cross the river and look up at Mt Princeton (photo above) as you head to the trails. New snow coated the peaks and everything felt crisp.

Venturing onto the trails felt like new steps – a fresh perspective on the beautiful valley, ringed with peaks, where I live.


I love looking across town to Mt Ouray and Chipeta who protect the Valley (Sawatch Range)


Clouds still hang near Mt Shavano while peaks north have only a big blue back drop.
The historic smelter tower is a stick in the foreground:)


Looking east the Twins Sisters (Sangre de Christo Mountain Range) shine on this glorious day.


Turning south again Mt Ouray looms as I descend back to town.

I love the fresh joy I felt with each step on the dirt trails and each vista that caught my eye. I try never to take for granted how my body can carry me over the river and through the woods, but after my reduced mobility from surgery I really have a fresh perspective.

As we move into Thanksgiving week here in the states, I am grateful for this body I call home. And it’s weekend again — I hope to go play on the dirt once again 🙂

What helps you gain a new perspective and fills you back up with gratitude?

I’d love to hear from you!




P.S. I’m filled with gratitude by all those already loving their 2015 Daily Musings Journals. Here’s one heartwarming response — unsolicited and it goes so perfectly with my previous post🙂
“At times, I’ve gone weeks without using it (travel/work) but then when I come back to the doodling part (and I’m ALLL about stick figures), it feels so comforting. Like having a warm blanket, hot chocolate, and a dear friend to share it all with. Thank you for creating it. You can tell it came from your heart.”

The 2015 Daily Musings Journal is still available, but quantity is limited and they’re selling quickly. Yay! Get yours before they’re gone, and join the 2015 daily musings journey.


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