Easing into the New Year after Holiday Adventures

I can hardly believe that 2015 is here — let alone in full swing. It is the first full week of the new year and that means back to a full week in the studio and working, after a full week away and off from working and a week of mixed work & play! Whew!

To start the new year here I thought I’d share a bit of my holiday adventure to the desert with my sweetheart – we hit the road in Gandalf (our trusty camper van) to the Tucson, AZ area for a little warm sunshine.


The cactus are amazing, and sharp – so you don’t want to fall down on one.


We arrived at our first Tucson camp spot just in time for sunset on the solstice. I celebrated by lighting three small luminaries which we used all week to light our table at dinner. This sunset gave me a warm glow on the shortest day of the year.

Although the nights were a little chilly, nothing like the Rocky Mountains. And the days were definitely filled with warm sunshine

…and pedaling amongst the desert cactus.


One day I got to hang with this guy (a Harris’s hawk I believe) for a few minutes as we pedaled through.


On Christmas Day we took a break from pedaling and hiked in the Santa Catalina Mountains. This is the view looking back to Oro Valley as we made our way to Romero Pools.

I loved exploring along the rocks, and relaxing, too, when we reached the pools.




After six days of playing and exploring we high tailed it back to the Rocky Mountains – just before the snow and a little arctic freeze set in. It’s always fun to explore some place new, and always wonderful to be home again (even if you do have to unpack, and the cold is a bit of a shock:)


Running down the snowy dunes on New Years Eve

As the new year begins in earnest the internet is abuzz with great dreams, plans, ideas, words for the year and more. I let all that go a little bit for the past few weeks so I’m still in reflection and planning mode. I know I’m not the only one, and although it can feel a bit intimidating to listen to all the new year buzz – it’s more than OK to not have it all figured out.

When those feelings of intimidation from all the wonderful dreams and plans that sound all put together creep in I take a deep breath and remind myself that we all have to find our own path…and I’m still discovering mine buried in the bright white Rocky Mountain snow.

Wishing you a happy new year and a wonderful year ahead discovering your own path!



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One response to “Easing into the New Year after Holiday Adventures

  1. Keep swinging into beauty and adventure my friend. I am traveling vicariously through your photos and posts! Happiness and bright blessings for 2015 ♥

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