Playing at Altitude


Recently, as I was huffing my way to the top of Mirkwood, or maybe it was just Gunbarrel (both are lift accessed trails at Monarch that require some hiking to actually access:), besides being focused on my breathing — which I have little choice but to do when at 11,000 feet, I was reflecting on how much I love playing at altitude:

The views, the exhilaration of the sport (at this time of year skiing), my best playmate, and also the gratitude for my body being able & willing to play at altitude.

2014 was kind of a tough year for my body and I am finally feeling like I am getting back into form – but now that I am well past my half century birthday, I notice that each year I get a little slower and need to be a little more gentle with myself. Some moments it frustrates me, but most of the time the gratitude for being there and being able to play at altitude shines through.


The photos above and below are at the top of the run called Gunbarrel – that I mentioned above. This lift-served run that takes a little hiking to actually get to is one of my favorites. And isn’t amazing what a difference a few days makes in the scenery. Both make me smile 🙂



Me and my best playmate.
(And don’t you just love the reflections these goggles create:)

I am one happy and grateful mountain mermaid! When do you notice your gratitude shining through?

Happy weekend friends!



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