Pieces & Process & Practice [art journaling]


This is a spread I did this past weekend — my fun Friday evening playing with different media in my studio. [blender pen image transfer, india & acrylic ink, collage, and marker]

I’m not really satisfied with the spread, by comparison to other cool mixed media pieces I come across in my web browsing, but these pages turned out kind-of fun in a surprising sort-of way and I had fun that evening.

It is true that it is really about the process and not the piece.

My big issue with myself is I just don’t make enough time to play in my journal. And when I sit down to play I’m often paralyzed at where to start. There are so many fun techniques to try, and they all become like the next shiny object to me. And, I’ll admit, I’d like to feel some satisfaction with the pieces I create, too.


Sketching, which is something I really want to improve on, is one of the most difficult for me. I’m honestly not even sure I enjoy the process because it feels so hard. And the satisfaction (with the pieces) is generally not very high either.

Again – I think if I carved out more time to just sketch, the process would become easier and the pieces more satisfying.



These pages were inspired by pedaling in Colorado’s fall colors. Besides the black marker that I doodled the wheels with, these pages were created using Derwent Inktense pencils. I loved process of coloring and then using my paintbrush to bring the pencil to life.


I’ve been wanting to share more art journaling (in addition to my Daily Musings Journal pages — which you can see here and here), but have not because I really have not created many new pages in the past several months. My comparison gremlin has also been tapping me on the shoulder about how much other people create and how little I create, and this makes anxious about the sharing process, too.

But here I am – showing up to share anyway – even if some of my more recent pages date back to autumn color and it’s the end of January.


I created this piece (above) around the recent full wolf moon (although I think I added the wolf image after the moon was well into the waning part of its cycle.) The full wolf moon asked “What are you hungry for?” And I’m declaring here that I’m hungry to create more – to develop a more consistent practice of playing on paper/ in my journal, no matter what the pieces look like.

I don’t know if this [public] declaration will help – I’ll keep you posted.

What are you hungry for? I’d love to here from you.




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