Everyone Deserves a Snow Day

EveryoneDeservesSnowDay2This little icon (left) that I found on the Copper Mountain Resort ski map caught my eye as soon as I arrived for my annual getaway to the SIA OnSnow Demo with my hubby.  Everyone Deserves a Snow Day set the stage for how I wanted to be with my few days. They are my snow days to play as I wish while my hubby works.

Last year during the demo days I was sick and a bit miserable, but still happy to be there.

This year I was super excited to be healthy and very happy to be there.

At first it is always a bit of a challenge for me to be on a solo adventure (meaning there was a big mountain calling to be explored and I was on my own to explore it). But I woke the first morning to big fat flakes falling from the sky. This motivated me to say yes to the first adventure I had been thinking about. I quickly dress in the grey early morning light, put the climbing skins on my skis, and began the hike up the designated ski trail before the lifts started up for the day. Besides a snowcat or two, all was quiet except the sound of my breath. Surrounded by trees and snow, the steadily falling snowflakes made for a peaceful beginning to the day.


The rest of my mountain adventures, over the next day and a half, were lift served…and after a little hesitation to venture up to the blustery summit above tree line on my own, my adventure unfolded beautifully.


My pretty skis and I took many a lift ride while exploring the resort terrain making turns.


I loved being one of the first skiers to venture down Union Peak after another few inches of snow.


Over on the Copper Bowl side of the resort I watched two patrollers (those dots in the red circles) make their way down this shoot on Tucker Mountain – after listening to the loud boom of the explosives they detonated for avalanche control.


I even found some time to relax in the lodge with a cup of tea as the day waned, and cut and pasted into my journal. I love how the ski area map provided the theme for my days – and some fun graphics for my journal!


And I marveled over the beauty of it all!

Everyone Deserves a Snow Day! When can you plan your Snow Day – no matter where you live :), and what will you do? I’d love to hear about your adventure.




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One response to “Everyone Deserves a Snow Day

  1. I long for a snow day! So glad you got some fun snow days.

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