at the River’s Edge — a new creative experiment


I live just blocks away from the Arkansas River, and I love to visit the river’s edge.

I love to observe the ebb and flow of the river as it changes with the season.

I try to make it my practice to visit the river’s edge daily.

to watch

to listen

to be

The water tumbles over the rocks of the play holes* in town creating a lovely & soothing music.
At least at this time of year when the river is low. If we receive good snow fall in the nearby mountains the sound of the river can become a bit deafening during spring run-off.

Here is a short song for your listening (& watching) pleasure. I recorded this on a grey January day when it was flurrying snow. You can hear the ebb in the water’s sound as I move the camera upstream. I know it is not the same as actually standing at the river’s edge, but I hope it will be a relaxing experience, and give you a sense of the life of the river.

*play holes — a term for a white water rapid created (or modified) by man to make them ideal for kayakers and other boaters. Swimmers like them, too:)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed a relaxing listen.





P.S. I am a total novice at making any kind of video…so this almost feels a bit silly, but I promised myself I would try this creative experiment, and we will see where it might lead. I’d love to hear if you enjoyed it and any feedback you might have.


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