Backcountry Bliss


While the east coast (of the United States) was getting blizzards and freezing temps in January and February, here in the Colorado Rockies we were experiencing eerily warm weather and little snow in the mountains.

We want the snow — or at least us powder hounds do — and the spring-like trend finally changed towards the end of February.

I know that hiking & skiing is not for everyone, and it is one of my favorite winter pass times.


I love the exertion of the march uphill through the quiet, snowy woods and the exhilaration of making turns in the powder on the way back down.


I love the panorama of the mountains above tree line.


I love spending time with friends on a back country adventure


and the smiles all around from being together outside in nature, and skiing powder.

Thankfully mama nature has been good to us here in the Colorado Rockies lately. This makes me so happy — the strange weather patterns frighten me a bit, and I know that mama nature will do what she needs to.

The forecast indicates we may be in for a sunshine break, but March is one of our snowiest months and  I hope many more snowflakes will fly. I’d love some more backcountry bliss, and the snow is good for the health our economy — ski industry, agriculture, river rafting & other recreation — all need this moisture. We need it for water, too.

I know many of you out there are ready for spring, and in just a few weeks I will be, too, but until then bring on the beautiful white stuff mama nature.

Happy March friends!




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One response to “Backcountry Bliss

  1. Wow- Lisa the scenery is spectacular! You look like you are having so much fun! I send you love from snowy Medfield! Lucinda

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