Taking the next step…even if you don’t see the whole path


I’ll bet many of you have seen the above quote by Martin Luther King. It’s a good one for sure.

And it’s a bit ironic that this piece I did a few years back in my art journal will be appearing in Dawn Devries Sokol’s new book A World of Artist Journal Pages that will released later this month (very exciting for me – it will be the first publishing of one of my pieces in a book!) as I feel like I’m bravely taking steps an important staircase!

Although I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m on my first step…I definitely can’t see the whole staircase. This often feels true in many areas of my life, and as I write this post I’m talking about my creative work.


This photo on the left shows the first layer I’ve put on a mini canvas I’m creating for Salida Artwalk. I’ve never been part of Artwalk’s Mini-Masterpiece Auction Show before, so these are new steps. (My first step was actually committing by getting the canvas.)

Today I added another layer to the canvas…so I’ve made it to step 3. I still can’t see the whole staircase, but I know I’m going to make it to the top.



I’m planning to participate the Salida Library annual Arts at the Library Challenge Show — which also has a deadline at the end of the month. Although I’ve known about the theme – Below the Surface – since, um, February I finally took the first step on creating this piece a few nights ago.


In the photo above you’re seeing the text that will be below the surface. Since I can’t see the whole staircase on this piece yet I don’t know for sure whether this text will be visible when I’m done – but I think it’s a good bet that is won’t be.


Jennifer Lee‘s annual Right Brainers in Business Video Summit last month asked ‘What’s next?’

What came next for me was joining her Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship program – which begins next month – because it feels like it is my year to dig deep for what’s next with mountain mermaid studios. I certainly can’t see the whole of this staircase either, but I feel supported to take the next step, and keep climbing the staircase – one step at a time. I look forward to inspiring you to create, play & thrive as I take more steps and grow mountain mermaid studios into who she is meant to be.

Can you see the next step on your important staircase? Do you feel supported in taking the next step? I hope you’ll find support for your next step. Perhaps my inspiration to create, play & thrive will help – I’d love to have you along on my journey.





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3 responses to “Taking the next step…even if you don’t see the whole path

  1. Dear Lisa

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot . I love getting to see all your steps! It is brave of you to share them with the world. Congrats on getting your journal page in a book. I will have to find that book. Love you Lucinda

  2. Lisa, seeing your ‘messy process’ was so much fun. I resist mess and know that freedom is on the other side of that resistance! I have several creative projects that are ‘miracles in progress’ because they’ve gotten so far, LOL. And this quote and our playful artwork is keeping me stepping! Big vugs ♥

    • I always so appreciate your stopping by the mountain mermaid. Believe me I’m trying to let it be messy, and I run into plenty of resistance. I love that phrase — ‘miracles in progress’. I often thing the finished projects are still ‘miracles in progress’. Big vugs back to you ❤️

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