Exploring Along the Chocolate Creek


We knew it had been raining a lot this month, but my hubby and I had no idea what was in store when we headed towards Cottonwood, one of our favorite near home hikes, last Sunday:

a chocolate creek flowing in Cottonwood Canyon!

As soon as we reached the entrance to the canyon we saw water flowing – something we had never seen before in our nearly nine years of hiking this canyon. After just returning home from our Utah canyon adventures that included water we were intrigued, albeit a bit taken aback by the unusual phenomena.


This rock fall area has had ice flows on it and some times a trickle of water – but a chocolate waterfall?! Nope.
It looks as if some additional rocks have fallen down from the side of the canyon, too, but the changes are hard to discern with all this water flowing.


We continued along and set up Mr. Cottonwood to keep watch.
He has been hanging around in this canyon for as long as I can remember, although some times he is flat on his back which is how we found him when we came upon him Sunday.


We found a new guy – and I called him Rockhead Man. We set him up to keep watch on the chocolate creek, too.


This cool wooden shelter is hidden an island of sorts — where the chocolate creek splits. We had never ventured up on this high point, so this shelter was a new discovery. It’s definitely been here for awhile, although I don’t think it’s been used recently. Who built it and when I wonder?


One of my favorite views back towards Mt Ouray and Chipeta – and the chocolate creek flows onward.

ShadowPlayWe have received about 4 times as much rain than the average this month – which for our high plains town is about 4 1/2 inches. Snow is still falling in the mountains!

I know this is nothing compared to what is happening in some parts of Texas and Oklahoma right now, and my hearts go out to all who are dealing with the ravaging flooding.

The chocolate creek is the talk of the town and I have not met one person yet who remembers seeing this phenomena before.

I am the grateful for the interesting day of exploring in my backyard, and we are still happy for the extra moisture.

What can you be grateful for in the explorations of your world today?







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2 responses to “Exploring Along the Chocolate Creek

  1. I love this kind of stuff! It happened on our backyard trail years ago and hasn’t happened since. It’s something else to see water flowing where you have never seen it before. I am grateful for your blog and the trails I will be riding today.

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