You are in my heart


These cards started as just one – a card I began making for a dear friend who has cancer. Once I started creating what was in my heart & playing with the inks a list of people I wanted to create a similar card for emerged and I was drawn to make more.


The list included my sweet husband as our 18th wedding anniversary was just days away.

We celebrated this past weekend with a little overnight adventure to one of our favorite spots – Penitente, and since I’m just finishing the cards he’s still waiting for his 😉


Exploring around Penitente


Being silly with the rainbow we experienced & the iPhone camera panorama feature


Pedaling at Elephant Rocks

He knows he is in my heart, and we still love adventuring together after all of these years 💖

Who do you share your heart with? Be sure to let them know!

You are in my heart,




doodleDays-PenitenteP.S. Another part of our little over night adventure included relaxing and doodling. I’m planning a little doodle adventure for later in the summer and I hope you’ll consider joining in.

I’ll post more info here on the blog, but if you want to be the first to know please join my little band of intrepid mermaids that receive my mermaid tales – click here to sign-up!



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2 responses to “You are in my heart

  1. I really enjoyed this writing ~ feels like the “real” you is coming through more and more. It seems like this piece just really came from your heart.
    PS This in no way means the opposite is true for past entries. Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing to stay present/true/real/. . .
    Bless our hearts!

  2. Gorgeous cards, Lisa! Happy Anniversary, love the way you two celebrate each other ♥

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