From Chocolate Creek to Refreshing Creek


About a month ago I posted about exploring along chocolate creek. Guess what? That creek that hadn’t existed during my nine years of living in this area is still flowing, and now it is clear & refreshing. Yep — those are my feet in that creek, that started as a chocolate flow, just this past Saturday.


At this beautiful little waterfall I scooped water onto my face and head, arms & legs. On a hot summer day, this felt oh so refreshing and relaxing.


All this water has created colorful lushness in our arid landscape.

SwallowtailThe swallowtail butterflies that migrate through also seem to be refreshed by all of this water.

What can you do to refresh yourself as summer heats up? Or if you’re reading from down under you might need to refresh yourself with something warm and cozy.

I’d love to hear how you’re refreshing yourself – no matter what the season.




write-doodle-draw_smP.S. Wanna refresh your creative play? Join me for the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure in August. Details and sign-up for this fr*e e-adventure is coming soon 🙂


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