Doodle Away Your August with me!


Calling all journal junkies & daring doodlers; color fanatics & magic moment makers

…join me as I doodle my way through August on the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure.

Although creating a blog post that is solely promotion is not a normal thing for me, I’m so excited about my new e-adventure I want to be sure you all know about it.

Doodling is such an important and fun part of my play, and the cool thing is you can fit it into your full life. Especially if you only have small snippets of time doodling is a great creative outlet.

Wanna learn more? Click here for details & to sign-up.

Did I mention it is free? Yep — no harm in checking out a free adventure, right. (click the image below)


We begin on July 31. I hope to see you there!




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