Doodling & Coloring Come With Benefits!


With all my talk of, and sharing about, doodling, I thought you’d like to know I’m not the only one who thinks doodling is grand.

Doodling and coloring have received a lot of press recently so I thought I’d share what a few others have to say.

The Atlantic Online Edition wrote about the cognitive benefits of doodling – or freehand scribbling – this month.

Back in February Canva‘s blog shared seven ways doodling will change your life.

Parade Magazine featured coloring on their cover earlier this month.

Sunni Brown has also done a TED talk on doodling, and wrote a book called the Doodle Revolution.

I had never analyzed my love of coloring and doodling for specific benefits before – I just knew I loved it.

Not because I’m trying to create any great works of art, but because it is really fun & easy creative play. All my letters & marks become beautiful to me as the memories I want to keep seep into my spirit. Doodling also allows me to let go – of things I’d prefer to forget.

If all this has you convinced you want to try doodling – I have just the place you can start.

Doodle away your August with me on my new e-adventure: Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure.

It’s FREE.
We begin July 31.

All the deets here:

I hope to see you there.







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