a doodling practice & found inspirations



August is coming to a close, and thus the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure. I hope those of you who have been doodling along have enjoyed your adventure. I so appreciate all who have let me know this – and have shared parts of your adventure with me, and others.

Journaling is a personal practice, so please know that if you’re reading this and have not felt the desire to share, and you’re enjoying yourself, I see you and embrace your process.

This month has been an interesting learning experience for me. It was my hope to guide you to find your own way with your doodling practice – whether that meant doodling each day or only some days; sharing or no.


I am far from perfect – the above image was taken yesterday, and I was just playing around with the part of the week that had already passed.

I often don’t find the band width to practice every day, but I have found I love to come back to it regardless.

I often don’t share consistently – and there are some pieces that feel too personal to share. When I began my musings practice I never had any thoughts of sharing. It was not until this evolved into the Daily Musings Journal that I evolved into sharing. My sharing, along with my practice, is dynamic.

There is no wrong way – my hope for you is that you find a process and a practice that you love and feeds your soul.
And as surely as night turns to day your practice & process will like ebb & flow and evolve over time. Mine certainly has.

And if the Daily Musings Journal I have created for bite-sized creative play helps you discover your practice I am grateful for this as well.



This week I want to share another technique I’ve grown to really enjoy. I steal this phrase – found inspirations – from my dear friend and fellow creative, Julie Gibbons, who introduced me to it.

I love cutting up magazines during down time when I don’t have energy for much else. There is a wealth of words & images that become great material for collaging and journaling. Over the past several years I have created a number of envelopes where I collect words, phrases, letters & images. They are not super organized, but they make it easy whenever I feel called to create a found inspiration collage.

You can see from the top image in the post (from the one just above) how my Thursday collage evolved. The words came together first, and then I created the background before I glued down the words with a glue stick.


Before this August Musings Adventure comes to a close, I have one more thing I’d like to share. Any of you who have loved this practice and also love a tangible journal you can hold in your hands, I hope you will share with me a little tidbit about your doodling practice in the comments.

If you do you will be entered to win a printed edition of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal (click here to learn more about the Daily Musings Journal). Leave your comment by next Thursday, September 3 and I will draw a winner on Friday, September 4. (Journals will be available by the end of September.)

And if you’d like to keep doodling through the end of this year, I have created a download of September – December 2015 Daily Musings Journal. Click here for details and to purchase.
If you were part of the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure, or you receive my mermaid tales – don’t forget to use the coupon code for a 20% discount (through September 9).

So my doodling friends, I hope we may continue to stay connected in whatever way feels right for you. Thank you, with all my heart, for being on this journey with me!





LaurasDoodlingBookP.S. I thought you might enjoy another doodlers creative approach to the August Musings Adventure. Thanks to another dear friend and fellow creative, Laura, for sharing her fun doodle book!



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12 responses to “a doodling practice & found inspirations

  1. hi lisa, thank you so much for Doodle Days! i wasn’t able to commit as much as i wanted-but i did keep a blank tablet next to the bed so i could doodle while watching a movie or ball game with hubby. i do something every day, even if it’s a few minutes to be creative. i like how you stuffed envelopes with magazine cuttings! i’m going to start doing that, and have the goodies ready when i am 🙂 thanks again for your time and inspiration. jenny

  2. rizamerk

    I have really enjoyed this month of doodles – thank you for the inspiration

  3. I have really enjoyed doing a doodle-a-day with you. It’s helped me with daily practice..Thank you for sharing your journal.

  4. Laura Jones

    I have enjoyed the summer doodling days! The thing I like best is the size of the squares. I’m hoping to be able to get a 2016 journal!

  5. Debra Marrs

    This has been an absolutely fan-tabu-lous experience! I’ve SO enjoyed taking the time at the end of each day to relax, reflect and doodle. Your format, the just-right-sized boxes and the freedom to make the pages whatever we choose is a goddess-send, Lisa. Thank you! Such a real joy; I’m smitten with the process. Looking forward to continuing through 2015 and into 2016 too. Thanks again for hosting the #musingsadventure #doodledays, Lisa!

  6. Madelief

    Unfortunately I dropped in quite late but I enjoy taking a few moments at the end of the day to ponder a doodle. Sometimes it works, something comes out, sometimes I just replay the day, or think about planning the next day. I love you for giving me these moments!

  7. LOVE that you used my doodle photo! ♥ I really like this idea and phrase: found inspirations and I’ve used words and pix for my vision boards but not so much fro doodling so I’m going to try that more and collect some clippings. I’ve ordered the rest of the year of Doodles (thanks for coupon code) and will follow my heart to keep playing with this journal technique. Big vugs, Lisa! ♥

  8. What a gift to share with the rest of us! It was a brilliant idea to make manageably sized squares for a daily doodle, a few collaged words and images, some pretty designs. I have filled my unused squares with zentangle designs I like, that way I don’t feel guilty about not filling in the square (summer days fly by so quickly!). As another commentor wrote, I too am smitten with this process. Thank you so much for sharing your creative flash of genius!

  9. Lisa, I am SO GLAD I discovered your Doodle Days Musings Adventure by way of Kiala Givehand! I love your format for making simple little doodles to mark my days and it’s brought me back to sketching and drawing out my ideas, with the addition of drawing out meaningful quotes, all of which I enjoy doing on a small-size scale. It is a wonderful practice I plan to continue in the days and weeks ahead to keep my creative play going and to add to my daily journal practices with little visual markers =) Thank you so much for sharing your own doodle practice with us all – it is a wonderful way to incorporate creative play into ones days! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!

  10. Jen

    I so enjoyed the Doodle Days of summer. I love the format you shared….so easy for me. I could be as elaborate or as simple as I wanted. There was no pressure! I found myself some days capturing the weather, or documenting what we did or some days just doodling a flower or pattern. The practice helped me realize that I can be artistic. I have hard time with that….thinking that it needs to come out perfect. Doodling helped me start to get over that thinking! Thank you so much for the work you put into this August adventure!!

  11. Sally

    I was (and still am!) excited to connect with you on the next level! My doodling journey of the summer coincided with my annual visit back east to see my family. I always seem to collect random maps and pieces of paper which now have a place to ‘live’. I was especially happy to print one of the days ‘musing blocks’ on the back of the map of Cuttyhunk…Thanks for encouragement…SA

  12. Brenda

    This is a fun way to create a small daily memory. I really like the idea of found inspirations and think that is a good theme for each day.

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