Adventures in Musings & Images


Here I am – nearly a week ago – as we pedaled along the Continental Divide Trail.


It has been a few years since I’ve pedaled along this renowned cycling section of the Continental Divide Trail called the Crest Trail.
This section of the trail is not too technical, but it is a long ride at high altitude, and there are sections of the loop route we chose that were definitely technically challenging.


I will remember this day as an extraordinary bike adventure — creating the doodle helped to etch it in my mind’s eye – the challenging moments, the whee moments, and the beautiful vistas.



This scene is an extraordinary everyday moment. This view – looking across the valley at Mt Ouray – is from the Arkansas Hills just above town (and very close to home). I am not the best at getting myself up here early in the morning, but the reward of this light and shadow, beauty and quiet alone time is well worth it when I do.


This morning will forever be etched in my mind’s eye from this doodle.

Musing in doodles allows me to reflect on what felt important for my day. These doodles don’t always come to me on that day, but they do seem to come.


Some days I feel a bit scattered, too many things vying for my attention, and those doodles often reflect this, too. Wednesday this week had a bit of that feel…and turned into a mandala which grounded me as I created it.

How do you like to remember your days – the good ones, the challenging ones and the scattered ones?

I hope you find some way to enJOY each one of them.





Sept-Dec2015DMJcvrP.S. If you want to have a go at doodle musings to remember your day, the 2015 Daily Musings Journal – Sept – Dec, is now available as a printable download. Click here for all of the details.


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One response to “Adventures in Musings & Images

  1. featherpentrack

    Hi Lisa,
    Lovely to be able to share in your bike adventure through this post. You have a gift for balancing “space” in your work – White Space against the letters, colours, photos, and words. Maybe this reflects the space you pedal through, creating space for the senses and connection…
    I also like the way you affirm the “unscheduled” nature of daily life – I’m feeling scattered after a 300km. round trip to the city for appointments – looking forward to settling with doodling musings and a return to routine. Appreciate the reminder of the strength of the mandala shape.
    Thank you and Best wishes, Mairim.

    Sent from my iPad


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