the Dawning of a New Age


I have a birthday coming – tomorrow!

I’ve heard this particular age called double nickels, a speed limit, and – my favorite at the moment – 55 and foxy! Yes – I like that thought!

And now I’ve revealed the number of my age.
But this number is not really what is significant.

Making peace with the changes that come with this number …in my body, mind & spirit…is what I’ve been thinking about.

In my body: I’ve been so healthy most of my life. And as an avid outdoors person I love to mountain bike, hike, ski, and…
I’ve always considered myself a very active person.
In the past several years I have found myself being a little more intimidated on some of my adventures. When I fall from my mountain bike it seems to hurt more and take longer to recover.

And I don’t seem to have the same stamina and strength that I used to. There are spots that I used to pedal through without thinking, and now I find myself getting off my bike and walking through some of these sections.

If I’m honest I don’t enjoy the bumpy jarring over the rocks when I used to be able to seemingly glide right through.

I’ve also had a few health issues, and it has been challenging to not always feel 100%.

In my mind: This new age is a challenging transition – learning to come to terms with these changes in my body; to realize that it is my ego mind that wants to pedal through every rocky section of the trail I have in the past and doing this, or not, does not make me.

In my spirit: I am grateful for the yoga practice that I have found in the past several years. It is helping me to navigate these changes in my body and to BE with what is in each moment. It is helping me to let go and love myself now; to enjoy each moment, and BE OK with not doing some things to the same level that I used to.


I have thought a lot {about this} as this birthday has approached. I am grateful for all that is in this moment.

Life is too precious, and it is time to make peace with this new age.

Where can you make peace with where you are in this moment – no matter what has been in the past, or you wish for the future? I’d love to hear how you navigate the inevitable changes that happen in your life.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.





P.S. I am off to Ghost Ranch in Abiqui, New Mexico – to be in the space where Georgia O’Keefe painted, and to paint with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Art. I look forward to being in each moment of this coming week in this very special place – with very special people who I have not yet met. I’ll be sure to report back about my adventures…see you in a few weeks.

Sept-Dec2015DMJcvrIn the mean time – if you missed the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure, I’ve created a printable download of the rest of the year of the Daily Musings Journal. Click here to check it out and get yours today!


{Selfie images taken down my the Arkansas River on September 7 – no planning, no filter, no adjusting, no make-up – just me in the moment.}



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5 responses to “the Dawning of a New Age

  1. Lucinda Davis

    55 yet still I thrive! That was my 55 rhyme! I am thinking of you tackling class 3 Rapids on the Akansas this summer in A ducky with nary a spill.

  2. Tina

    Happy Birthday Lisa, may your body always keep up with your spirit! Enjoy!

  3. ejlwoodruff

    Happy Birthday Lisa!!! change is definitely something we can count on isn’t it? i’d say you are navigating your journey quite well-2 thumbs up! i think what i’ve come to realize and do, as the years tick by, is stop expecting as much of myself (no guilt) – go to bed a bit earlier, pace myself, etc. change has never been something i run too, and many times i whine about it while stomping my feet! “Recalculating” (like a GPS) happens a lot more these days for me-and that helps. enjoy your time in New Mexico. can’t wait to hear about it! jenny 🙂

  4. Hope your birthday was filled with joy and new beginnings! Thanks for an awesome year of sharing your adventures. Big love & vugs ~L. ♥

  5. Thank you for sharing! I turned 50 in August, and that feels like a strange place (old and not old). Seeing your journey, and mix of more traditional and creative work in your life is inspiring, as I work to incorporate more of the creative in my life. Thank you!

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