Doodling Back to Nature


If you’ve been following along on my adventures for awhile you know that I am a nature girl.

I’ve always loved the idea of creating a field notebook to capture my observations out in the natural world. But the truth is, I’ve never had the patience to stop and draw and document while I’m outdoors. I like to be moving, exploring, touching, seeing, smelling.

SunlightRiverPatterns21FebAnd the funny thing is, since I’ve let go of this idea that I need to have (what I think of as) a traditional field note book/nature journal, I’ve begun to capture the essence of my outdoor experiences more & more with my doodles.

So when Kelly from Wings, Worms & Wonder asked me to bring my nature doodling to her blog hop (introducing her cool e-course Draw Yourself Back to Nature) I felt super honored.

Fooses9AugShe asked each of the hoppers to share their experience of journaling nature, and since using simple patterns and icons is really the way I back into nature journaling I thought I’d share a few of my simple sketches depicting some of my days in nature and near the water.

Fooses Creek is a sketch from a photo. Although this is one of my more complex, and dare I say realistic sketches, it is really simplistic — using lines and color to capture the essence of where we stopped for a little break from our hike.



To the left is a sketch depicting a trail we pedal along called Silver Creek. I think that may have something to do with the mining days – and while there is a creek it is not silver.

I added some flower doodles, too, to remind me of the gorgeous wildflowers on that day.




My Brown’s Creek sketch reminds me a bit of mermaid tail (how appropriate for this mountain mermaid:) and it reminds me of how I got myself close up to the rocks to feel the spray from raging Brown’s Creek Falls on that hot summer day.




On this August afternoon I dipped my toes in a creek that has never flowed, until this summer, in the nine years I’ve lived in Salida. My curving colored lines don’t look a thing like the creek, and they still remind me of the wonder of that afternoon and “the summer that Cottonwood flowed”.

I had a snake encounter that day, too! Woah!


RiverPlunge30AugIt has taken me some years to embrace my doodling as a form of capturing nature.

I think the different drawing classes and snippets of practice I’ve embarked on over the years have helped me feel comfortable with my doodling style that has emerged.

And I’m so looking forward to my next drawing class – Draw Yourself Back to Nature with Kelly at Wings Worms & Wonder. How will that impact my future doodles?

I encourage you to dive in – with markers or pencils – and start creating doodles that represent a nature experience you want to remember. Your doodles will help you to seal a beautiful memory in your mind’s eye.


If you want to try doodling with the Daily Musings Journal, as part of the blog hop I’m giving away a PDF download of the remainder of 2015. Please share with me in the comments how you like to remember your nature adventures – and if you just might give doodling a try as a way to do that. I need to hear from you by Sunday October 11 at 10pm MT.

And maybe I’ll see you at Draw Yourself Back to Nature, too.






P.S. The 2016 Daily Musings Journal is now available for sale.  You can get all the deets, and purchase yours, here.


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7 responses to “Doodling Back to Nature

  1. Debra Marrs

    I love how you use your doodles as sweet reminders of your experiences in nature, Lisa. I’m setting a goal to be in nature more during this final section of 2015 into 2016, and will carry your great modeling examples with me in my mind’s eye as a way of capturing daily doodles too. Taking photos has helped me in the past to remember what I saw when I get home. Going forward, I think I’ll carry a 3 x 5 card, perhaps, to capture snippets to doodle later. Thanks for sharing your examples!

  2. AP

    The art you share here is so much more than mere “doodling.” You are capturing not only the scenery but the experiences you want to remember!

  3. Peggy Nolan

    Thank you, Lisa, for your doodling/nature/musing inspiration! As a dedicated gardener and teacher who works with children, I am working/playing to pique my artistic self; I deeply appreciate your doodling style. I love to write and I want to add color and drawing to my journals…today I will play with doodles!

  4. What a marvelous doodling style, Lisa! I can see that because it is so personalized, that you can easily get back into that moment that you decided to capture in your doodling journal. One of my favorite ways to draw is a simple pen and ink..I just love the simplicity: pick up the pen and go for it! Your colorful creations got me thinking about how color would be fun in my pen and ink journaling, Love your post!

  5. Lisa, These are so beautiful as so capture the essence of the feelings you were having while outdoors! I love the movement and flow!!!

  6. Patty

    Lisa, I love how you doodle with such simple, crisp lines and then fill in the spaces with more lines that are colorful and whimsical, recording the places, people, animal encounters (!), and feelings along the way. The drawings are fun to look at and what a great way to spend a rest time during time spent in nature…bringing along a journal, a pencil and markers! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Linda Weldon

    Looks like I am too late to comment and get the free download of the remainder of theyear¹s journal. In my conversation wih my friend about your web site and journal, she told me I could purchase the Sept through Dec 2015 section of the journal. My friend has been following you regularly and just recently forwarded one of your blog posts to me. I¹m looking for the site on your web site that allows me to purchase the remainder of he year¹s journal. I can¹t find itŠ can you please give me the link or tell me how to get to the purchase site? I did order the 2016 journal.

    Thanks very much. I appreciate your taking the time to answer this email.

    I am exploring your blog posts and your web site. I¹m in the mountains of western NC and love hearing from an artist such as yourself. Thanks again

    Linda Weldon Hendersonville, NC

    From: the mountain mermaid Reply-To: the mountain mermaid Date: Friday, October 9, 2015 at 10:07 AM To: Linda Weldon Subject: [New post] Doodling Back to Nature LisaD posted: ” If you’ve been following along on my adventures for awhile you know that I am a nature girl. I’ve always loved the idea of creating a field notebook to capture my observations out in the natural world. But the truth is, I’ve never had the patience “

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