Love YOUR Letters


Please notice that I have I put an emphasis on the word YOUR. Love YOUR Letters!

Even with handwriting & lettering we can run into the comparison gremlin, and I want to encourage you to let that go and have fun with YOUR handwriting and your letters.

I get a lot of compliments on my lettering and handwriting so I know you may be saying — “ha – easy for you to say, look at your handwriting.”
But the truth is – we all have our places we compare.

GreensCrkLetteringSince I can remember I have loved playing with letters – drawing and embellishing them, and playing with my handwriting; changing how I write certain letters at different times.

I have studied formal calligraphy quite a bit, too. There was a time I thought I wanted to be a “calligrapher”, but the pressure to feel like my letters were perfect was heavy and lettering & lettering & lettering felt tedious. My letters and letter spacing were never “good enough”.

Now that I have let go of this need for perfection, I just let myself have fun with my lettering (most of the time that is:), and I enjoy creating hand lettering in my journal and even for pieces for others.


Here are some ways you can play with your hand writing and lettering.

  • Play with your handwriting as it is — using colors to create texture.
  • Play with scale – making a word or two larger and then pen some details with smaller writing
  • Write around in a square(ish) from the inside of the day box to the outside or from the outside to the inside
  • Add thickness to certain words by creating a double line for each letter


  • Create a word with block letters and then add color or shapes to each letter
  • Embellish letters with swirls
  • Copy Letters from a logo you like



Let go of your need for your handwriting and letters to look a certain way. If you feel you need or want some letter examples to work from I’ve created a few exemplars you can use. Click here to download – one of capitals and one of lowercase.

These are not perfect letters, but rather a form of my handwriting to give you some an example of another way to make your letters.


I hope all these letters I’ve shared provide you some fun inspiration to play with your lettering! I would love to hear about what you get up to. Please share about your musings adventure in the comments. You’ll be entered to win* a 2016 Daily Musings Journal if you do!

And if you’re on Instagram and you feel inspired to share, please use the hashtag #musingsadventure so we can see what you’ve created.

See you tomorrow for some musing on Personal Iconography: Lines, Marks & Shapes.




P.S. If you’re just finding the mini musings adventure and you want to play along, click here for all of the details.

* Only U.S. readers are eligible. It is sadly cost prohibitive to send packages internationally these days.


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2 responses to “Love YOUR Letters

  1. Teresa R

    When I was in high school, I created an alphabet that I still use in my journals. I have a small thick notebook that I practice different kinds of lettering. It’s such FUN!

  2. Thank you for your reassurances here on lettering, Lisa. Your tips are so useful. I learn by example so thank you for that. I’m taking your list and adding it to my musings journal as a reminder of possibilities for shaking up my own humble handwriting. Thanks for the inspiration!

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