Creating Personal Iconography with Shapes & Lines


In Colorado it is the time of year for sunshine and snowflakes, and we have been experiencing a bit of both these past few days. These are two of my favorite icons – besides bicycles, of course.


I hope you had fun playing with letters & your handwriting yesterday, and now you’re ready to combine this with some icons, shapes and lines.




Creating Icons

I started creating simple little icons back when I began the practice and I was only using a #2 lead pencil. When I felt intimidated I might mess something up these simple icons gave visual interest to my musings…and helped me remember what the day might have held without reading the words.

These icons can be created for anything that speaks to you — I have created a few examples on a page of the Daily Musings Journal (which I’ve shared in this image), and I am sure there are many more that may have personal meaning to you.

You do not have to create something that is completely realistic, and in our digital age you can always do a search and find an image to reference to get you started. I encourage to make your icons something you can doodle easily, and make your own.

Lines & Borders & Simple Shapes

In addition to creating icons I like to use curved lines that I add writing to, borders, and simple geometric shapes – circles, triangles, squares – to embellish my musings.


I hope these ideas will inspire you to play around or make up some fun doodles however you are called to. There is no wrong way to do this. What lines, shapes & marks can you use to represent something that has meaning to you?

I would love to hear about what you get up to. Please share about your musings adventure in the comments. You’ll be entered to win* a 2016 Daily Musings Journal if you do!

And if you’re on Instagram and you feel inspired to share, please use the hashtag #musingsadventure so we can see what you’ve created.

See you tomorrow for some musing on creating found word inspiration collage in your journal.




P.S. If you’re just finding the mini musings adventure and you want to play along, click here for all of the details.

P.S.S. If you did not get to musing yesterday, no worries – these posts will be here for you to refer back to.

* Only U.S. readers are eligible. It is sadly cost prohibitive to send packages internationally these days.


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3 responses to “Creating Personal Iconography with Shapes & Lines

  1. Thanks for this idea, Lisa. I hadn’t thought of creating certain icons as my personal iconography (love that word, by the way!) but it makes total sense. I like adding borders and then creating doodles within these wider borders, so perhaps in a way these borders make up some of my personal iconography. I’m excited to give this more thought. And action! Thanks for the doodle ideas. Now I’m craving a doddling session.

  2. I love the idea of calling those certain doodles that appear in my art my own personal icons! The certainly are! Having so much fun with the daily musings and have ordered one for next year. Thanks Lisa!

  3. KathyAnne

    What a lovely mini-musings adventure — thank you! I’m enjoying your words, your video, your visual examples – prompts – inspiration… ALL! and the Sarah Noffke quote shown above is magnificent! I’m a BIG quote-gatherer! Much gratitude and appreciation!!!

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