Found Words Inspiration Collage


I truly believe that our everyday moments are where the magic is (#everydaymagicmoments)– so when these words came together from my found words mess this afternoon, I knew it was the perfect one to open this post with.



I always start my found word inspiration collages by pulling out my envelopes full of words and phrases and putting a bunch out before me to play around with.

It always intrigues me to see what will take form from a bunch of disparate words. My found word collage usually hits upon something that is somewhere in my spirit at that moment. And you can see that my found words inspiration from today changed a wee bit from the working image just above.

Once I hit upon the inspiration I want to glue down I push the words aside and pull out my pencils or markers to create a background. I love this time when I can just play with color and create something for the words to lay upon.


My friend and fellow creative, Julie Gibbons, turned me onto the idea of these found word collages – or Found Inspirations as she called them. I began making them in a small pocket journal and would use found images as background or to illustrate the page.

Now these inspirations have found a home in my Daily Musings Journal, and I really love creating my own backgrounds for the words.

Feel free to use either technique to illustrate your found words inspiration collage…or leave the background blank. There is no wrong way (as I’ve mentioned before;) so whatever inspires you in the moment is the way to go.

And if you take a liking to this form, I highly recommend going through some magazines and gathering, into envelopes, words and phrases you may want to use. This way you have them handy anytime you feel drawn to creating a found words inspiration collage.


I hope these ideas will inspire you to play around with some found words. What will take form from a bunch of words from different places?

I would love to hear about what you get up to. Please share about your musings adventure in the comments. You’ll be entered to win* a 2016 Daily Musings Journal if you do!

And if you’re on Instagram and you feel inspired to share, please use the hashtag #musingsadventure so we can see what you’ve created.

See you tomorrow for some musing on my personal practice and some ideas on creating one of your own.




P.S. If you’re just finding the mini musings adventure and you want to play along, click here for all of the details.

P.S.S. If you did not get to musing yesterday, no worries – these posts will be here for you to refer back to.

* Only U.S. readers are eligible. It is sadly cost prohibitive to send packages internationally these days.



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3 responses to “Found Words Inspiration Collage

  1. juliegibbons

    So good to see you using Found Inspirations in your Daily Musings Journal, Lisa! It’s a perfect receptacle 🙂

  2. Debra Marrs

    We’re SO on the same page: you, me, Julie G. My favorite way to fill my daily doodle blocks in my Musings Journal is to pull out random artifacts to arrange, glue and collage. I actually love collecting junk mail snippets in order to integrate them that way. Your series of tips this week have been so affirming and inspirational, Lisa. Thank you!

  3. Jenny

    hi lisa, i second what debra said, your tips this week have been affirming and inspiring 🙂 in my family, we say “capture the moment” – the everyday things are indeed magical, and having a place to document, record these things like your Daily Musings Journal is a win/win! i love that you made it spiral bound so it can take collage and the addition of bits and pieces. i have started an envelope of words and small images to use-great idea. i will keep it in the journal so it’s handy. i like the day of the 24th-it reminds me of alphabet soup! is there a secret message in the jumble of letters? looking forward to tomorrow’s post 😉

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