Our “Traditional”


Needles Panorama — do you see me? twice? 🙂

The other day as I was thinking about what I wanted to share about our Thanksgiving adventure my friend Cynthia Morris shared an illustration she created and called “Glow Your Own Way.” She talked about how the holiday times can feel bleak for her because she doesn’t celebrate in the cookie cutter way many have always considered traditional.

T&L_TDI could relate to this, because, for the most part, I don’t celebrate in these traditional ways either. This Thanksgiving was no exception. I was so grateful for the opportunity to get away from it all and spend time in one of our beautiful national parks – the Needles District of Canyonlands.

My hubby and I did take some traditional Thanksgiving dinner fixings with us. I even baked a beautiful pecan tart which I couldn’t resist photographing on the desert rocks at our campsite.PecanTart

Before we left my inbox was filling with holiday super sale offers, and I had been on my computer so much in recent weeks I could not shut it down soon enough for a completely digital free (except taking photos, of course) several days.



We explored the stunningly beautiful high desert landscape




on foot






and by bicycle.LisaPedaling








Each day near camp we experienced the

Sunrisesun rise







and set.Sunset





Each evening we cozied up by a campfire for a bit and then crawled under the covers in our cozy camper van, Gandalf, a few hours after dark.


Many of our holidays are spent adventuring together in the wild and beautiful landscape on this earth, near where we are fortunate to call home. Although we aren’t able to go on adventure on every holiday, I would venture to say our holiday adventures are a bit of a tradition.

What are your traditions this holiday time of the year?

Wishing you a joy filled holiday season following your own version tradition.




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