Not believe in Santa Claus!


You might as well not believe in Fairies!

These are two of my favorite lines that are part of what has summed up Christmas for me since I was a little girl.


Above is the image of a page in a booklet of Christmas Stories we had in my home growing up. I don’t remember reading any of the other stories but this one. And I still believe in Santa Claus. If you have not read this editorial that was written in 1897 in response to a letter from an 8 year old little girl I hope it will bring  joy to your Christmas – no matter what your beliefs. Click on the image above to make it larger, or click here to go to a more recent article posted about this.


Although I don’t have any children I still love to bring a little of this Christmas spirit into my home each year.


I am fortunate to still have the stocking my mom made for me as a wee one. I love to display it along with some of the other Christmas decorations I have from growing up. They remind me of her love and the spirit of love that is in all of us.



I made a stocking for my hubby when we first met, too. Although we don’t always fill these with gifts, they are hung with the spirit of love.

I also love to keep up my mom’s tradition of hanging the clothespin calendar – which she created so little girls could always figure out how many days until Christmas by counting the clothespins.


Some years we get a Christmas tree and some years we keep it simple, but I always embrace the Christmas spirit with these Christmas decorations that remind me of the love and tradition my mom created for me as a child.

No matter where you live and what your beliefs, in the spirit of the Santa I believe in I am wishing you love and beauty and joy this Christmas season.





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2 responses to “Not believe in Santa Claus!

  1. Jenny

    thank you for sharing lisa. very heart warming, your mom sounds like she was a very special person, i’m certain she’s smiling as she sees how you continue to follow these traditions. another reason to jot things down, keep a journal/diary…. documenting our traditions for years to come. merry christmas on this cold and beautiful colorado night.

  2. Great X – mas memories Lisa! You don’t fill up your stockings? They always looked so good knobby with gifts. Have you sold all your calendars? I want two more please.

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