[Journey 2016] Begins Today!


The 2016 Journey Within
– A Year of Handmade Journals
that is 🙂

In 2016 you can make 12 Handmade Art Journals with Kiala Givehand and 18 Teaching Artists – including me, and connect with a community of beautiful creative people!


I’m not teaching until later in the year, but I’m excited for the Journey Within all year long. What a great way to commit to my creative practice (playing on paper:), which is something I really want to do this year.


The first journal Kiala guides us to create is such a simple structure, and yet (as you can see from the first image in the post) it can create such an elegant journal with a spine.


I’m really looking forward to exploring and discovering in community with a group of beautiful creative people. Explore & Discover are our themes to start the year.

This year long course has so much to offer, and my favorite part is the spaciousness that is built into the course. I’ve never been good at daily online challenges and overwhelming amounts of content with a need to work through it in a specific time frame.

Once you enroll…

  • You have the year to play with each monthly module.
  • There will be month themes
  • There will be video guidance and PDFs to make a new journal each month
  • There will be a variety of different teachers, teaching styles and techniques to play with in your journals (or a journal of your choosing)

…so you can pick and choose what works for you. You can even enroll by quarter if you prefer.

Do you want to join us?
I may be a little biased because I’m one of the guest teaching artists, but it feels like this is going to be a really fun creative adventure.

CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll!
[Full disclosure…these links I’m providing are affiliate links]

Happy New Year and sending you lots of love and creative adventures for the year to come!



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