Confessions of a Powder Hound


Some moments over the weeks between Christmas and New Year, that included multiple powder days, I thought of my plans for visioning for 2016.

An article in the January 2016 issue of National Geographic — titled “This is Your Brain on Nature” talks about how nature nurtures us and relieves stress.

I know this to be true for me, and spending timing in nature is something I must do. And so I let those planning thoughts go…to be in nature, in the moment.

PowderTrees_smPart of the reason many of us who live in the Rocky Mountains are here is because of the natural beauty that surrounds us. And skiers, like me, love (and really must) take advantage of the snow when it falls in abundance the way it did around the holidays.

I wish I’d kept track of the exact inches that fell during those weeks between Christmas and the New Year, but I forgot in the moment when the snow report said 11″ and we were out the door and headed up to the mountain.

I couldn’t help myself. And I really didn’t need to. Besides my shoulds (i.e. my plans for visioning), I did not have any specific obligations that I skipped out on.

Believe me there have been other times in my life when I had to be at work, I had other obligations, or I didn’t live close enough to take advantage…

and this is why I am grateful to work for myself amongst the beauty that surrounds me.


The National Geographic article also notes that “virtual nature is soothing too.”

I hope you enjoy my images of playing in the snow, but more than that I hope that you find your own way to get out and enjoy nature.


whether it is in a wild back country setting (me and my hubby in an area called the humps)


or in a park near your home (me on a trail along the river that I walked to from my house – and as a side note this is a new trail that our community developed to allow fly fishing access to the handicapped)

So now we’re coming up on mid-January. And my visioning (which always includes nature and space for taking advantage of powder) for 2016 is coming together in bite-sized pieces. I realize that is really my way of working…so I’m learning not to resist. It make the process much easier and more fun.

So how about you?

How is your vision for 2016 coming along? Be sure to include time outside in nature…it’s good for you, and it’s FUN, too 🙂




P.S. Just to be accountable I think I’ll include a bit about my near term visions. They include a few giveaways — of the printable edition of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal and a few quarterly spots in The Journey Within – A Year of Handmade Journals. I hope you’ll stay tuned!!



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