My 2016 Musings Adventure Begins


As I wrote last week, my play over the holiday weeks took me outside into a beautiful winter wonderland. This made me feel that my 2016 #musingsadventure got off to a slow start.  Although as I look back at this spread with the last days of December and the first days of this new year, I feel it captures it pretty well.


One thing you may notice is I’ve lettered the word studio quite a few times. I’ve decided, at least to begin the year, that I will play with the lettering of this word, and then capturing the essence of what I’ve done in my studio on those days. I hope that I can use this as a bit of an accountability tool as I work towards sharing more inspiration to create, play & thrive through mountain mermaid studios. And the challenge of spontaneously playing with these letters will give me something to focus on.


I am also noticing that my practice is changing a bit. A friend asked me the other day if I use pencil to start my squares – to help me figure out the layout of each square. And the answer to that is yes – sometimes.


Lately though, I’ve found myself starting with different shades of grey marker, and sometimes a black one. This lets me capture my day as it comes to me and have the spaciousness to return to the square and play with color.

I worked on this past week’s spread earlier today — Saturday went down in colored markers without effort, and then I spent time coloring in the first part of the week. I look forward to playing with more color on the remainder of this spread a bit later.

You can see from my top image (the first week of the year) that some times the coloring gets left behind (I may or may not get back to it). And I am really liking creating little coloring pieces for myself that I can essentially go back to when I want to/have time.

How is your creative journey going as we begin this year? Please share in the comments!




P.S. If you’ve made it this far along in the post I so appreciate you, and you’re in for a treat. I held onto a few copies of the printed edition of the Daily Musings Journal (which is sold out!) and I now have a printable PDF edition available.  And I’m doing a giveaway.

I have just created a Facebook page for mountain mermaid studios (it’s still pretty bear bones and it needs some love (=likes)) so I can spread inspiration to create, play & thrive even further. I’d love for you to join me there.

Like my page and then head back here and let me know you did – you’ll be entered to win a 2016 Daily Musings Journal. Please include where you’re from – peeps from the U.S. are eligible for the printed edition and international peeps can win a copy of the printable PDF edition of the Daily Musings Journal. If you already have a Daily Musings Journal I hope you’ll stop by and like the page anyway. If you let me know here, and you win you can give your journal to a friend so you can be on the #musingsadventure together. I’ll be happy to ship the journal directly to them! Giveaway closes next Friday, January 22 at midnight mountain time.



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17 responses to “My 2016 Musings Adventure Begins

  1. I love my Daily Musings Journal. I just gave you three likes from my 3 FB pages.

  2. Lynda

    I liked and loved your FB page! So inspiring. I was not able to get a journal in time but I would so love to have one. This type of creative journaling makes my heart happy! I live in Traverse City Mich!

  3. I love my journal and the freedom I am giving myself to do whatever I feel like. I just liked you on FB.

  4. Peg

    I’m brand new to your website. I found you via Kathryn Costa, 100 I just liked your Facebook page and look forward to coming on your journey. I live in sunny, Southwest Florida with my husband and my four legged best buddy, Sammy. 2016 I’ve dedicated to playing with mixed media and art journaling as a way to find myself at this season of my life. It looks like being here is exactly where I should be:)

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  6. lorette

    hello!…i am new to your blogpage and even facebook..(yes! i figured out how to ‘like’ you!)..but mostly new to finding my way to be inspired, create and actually do crafts and art…as well as, nuture and inspire my spirit…i am quite excited to begin this journey with you…i love your beautiful and fun artwork, your quirky colour page inspirations and the comforting way you share your stories…the pacific northwest is my home and the forests, ocean and sound areas, seagulls, ferries and seaplanes along with the richness and energy of being near a big city offers much to begin my journey this new year…i look forward to your mentoring as a kindred spirit through your artwork and stories…thankyou for sharing!

  7. Hi! I’ve just recently heard about the Daily Musings Journal. It’s a lovely idea to keep creativity flowing on a daily basis 🙂 I just liked your FB page and am looking forward to following you as a kindred spirit 🙂 (from Toronto, Canada).

  8. Maria

    Not sure if my comment was posted! I liked your fb page. Writing from Johannesburg South Africa. I hope your inspirations can get me to start my still empty first page. Found you via Lisa Sonora’s blog! Looking forward to following you and your creative journey

  9. Gay

    WOW! I just found out about you on Lisa Sonora’s blog today!! Just love the name of your website!! I live in North Carolina and just 2 hours away from the beach. Love your Daily Musings Journal and Facebook page and I am looking forward to hearing from you!! Take care!

  10. Marg Rolla

    Hi Lisa! I am new to journaling and new to here. I’ve only just found you and the Daily Musings journal through Lisa Sanora’s Creative+practice course. I can see why she gave you such accolades, I’m thrilled to following you on your journey, thank you from Australia!

  11. Hi! I heard about your journaling through Lisa Sonora. I liked your page & will send to others. TY! Hope I win hard copy! Come by and visit the Play=Peace page. Playfully, Mary Alice

  12. msbernice7

    Hi. I have liked your FB page. I live in the UK but I have an address in Florida so I hope you will consider me for the hard copy. Thanks very much

  13. Anne DeMarsay

    I loved your SketchNotes of the Creative Journey that Lisa Sonora posted on her blog (I was on the call, too) and headed over to your website. I just “liked” your FB page and would love a copy of your Daily Musings Journal. I live in Centreville, VA and would be happy with either paper or PDF.

  14. Janet Holmes

    Hi there! Liked your Facebook page and would love to win one of your journals!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. Liked your page. Would love a journal — I never seem to find an empty one around my house.

  16. Oh yeah I am from SC of USA.

  17. Madeline

    Hi there. I liked your FB page. Very interesting work! Please enter me in the raffle–would love your journal. I’m from Washington, DC Thanks~

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