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Continuing Along My (Musings) Adventure


Life is deliciously full, and last week felt especially busy as I was sharing musings adventure inspiration each day here on the blog in celebration of the launch of the Musings Adventure Journal. As I think I shared on one of the posts – although I knew what I wanted to post about each day I did not have any of my posts created in advance. It made for a more hectic, less relaxed, week than I would have liked so I was happy for the long holiday weekend here in the U.S. after I wrapped up.

Does this ever happen to you in any areas of your life – you know how you want things to unfold, but all of the making is on the fly rather than having things prepared in advance?

Whew! Sometimes you just have to go with this flow. And I am pleased with how it all worked out; and the nice feedback I received from a few of the peeps on adventure really warmed my heart.

But next time (and there will be a next time – I promise)…I will hope for a bit more advanced preparation – and ease.

Although the May Mini Musings Adventure is officially over, your own musings adventure need not be.

You can continue, start or start again – any time.

BeginWk29May_smI had fun musing about my adventures over the long weekend. It’s always fun when a Monday includes an image of a view from a fun hike!!

Tuesday includes a lesson from my weekly yoga class.

And Wednesday some doodles about my day’s happenings (adventures:) appeared.



Now that I have two similar journals – the Daily Musings Journal that moves through the year with dated week spreads, and the Musings Adventure Journal where I have blank week spreads where I can start, stop & start again…

How will my musings adventure unfold?

This is the question I am now asking myself.

I really love the Daily Musings Journal for how it allows me to sense the passage of time and remember being in those moments in time. Even if I don’t get to muse every day I always go back and add something for the day – or move across the pages with something that allows me to remember why the week passed without my musing (this is how last week unfolded, and you can see this in Daily Musings Journal spread image at the top of the post).

Right now my new Musings Adventure Journal seems to have become a vessel to create messages for myself. They don’t need to be on a time frame, just when the messages arrive.

SmallSteps_smTo the right is a musing I created the other night after a conversation with Chris Zydel on Wednesday, one my mentors and the creative mama in the Creative Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training I’m part of this year. This is a message I always need reminding of along my entrepreneurial journey.

I don’t know where this musings adventure will lead…but I am still loving these little squares as part of my creative practice.

And not knowing, the Unknown, that is really at the heart of adventure.

CompassionThe unknown is a place I’d like to be more relaxed with – lean into and embrace with curiosity and wonder.

For life is always an adventure into the unknown.

When I try to hold on to control too tightly this crazy adventure of life – she rebels.

My compassion message reminds me of this as I am learning to lean into the unknown of body’s evolution…in recent years it has been constantly changing in ways I did not allow myself to believe or understand would happen.

Hmmm…I feel a new message beginning to percolate… maybe it will arrive on the page soon!

I also share my musings on Instagram, too, and I’d love to meet you there. You can find me at @lisa_deyoung, and my doodles are also posted with the hashtag #musingsadventures.

What small steps are you taking into the unknown? How do you feel about this wild unknown?

I always love to hear from you!






P.S. To learn more about the Musings Adventure Journal, feel free to hop on over here to check out all the details and get yours today!

And if you feel inspired to share the musings adventure love, I’d so appreciate it:



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A New Adventure is Beginning…


This weekend I head to California…for my first week of Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts.

I have been following Chris’ work for several years now, and I first painted with her last fall at Ghost Ranch. It was a magical time of painting just for the joy of it.

Looking back I realize that creating has pretty much always been about the process for me.

The magic is in the present moment, playing with the creation.


Since my time at Ghost Ranch I have created a small painting space of my own (above is my most recent painting inspired by a recent adventure to Sand Dunes National Park, and also the goddess Rhiannon who encourages you to question rather than doubt.

I’ve been wanting to share more about the magic of creating, and there has also been much doubt.

So I’m thrilled to be mentoring with Chris over the next ten months  – to ask questions rather than doubt, to gain skills and confidence, and to develop some fun creativity programs that I can share with you.

I am beyond excited about the where this might lead me and Mountain Mermaid Studios…and you…somewhere with loads of magical creative inspiration!

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.



P.S. Wanna go on a musings adventure? We’re going to have some doodle fun! Click here to check out the details about this free e-adventure!



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Believe in Your Big Vision


…even when you’re not sure

exactly what it looks like!

When I sat down to play in my January Journey Within journal this past weekend, this just flowed out of my brush.

I just began the Right Brain Business Plan Facilitated ECourse, and this past week we were to begin working on our big vision.


I had created a big vision accordion piece last spring (above),
and felt stuck at the prospect of creating a new big vision.


Then I did the visualization exercise for the class hoping to get ‘unstuck’. These journaling musings (left)  came easily, especially the doodles, after listening to Jen’s visualization.

I decided I’m not quite done with my vision board from last year, but there was something more I needed to keep me motivated to follow through in this class. Because I want and need to complete more of the very useful, and creative, business exercises in order to move forward with my mountain mermaid studios vision – even if I don’t know exactly what it looks like:)

I also decided to let myself be OK with not really knowing exactly what my big vision looks like. I know I’ve got a lot of moving parts that I feel committed to:

I also have a bunch of other projects in my heart that I hope to bring to life one day.

And in the mean time there is LIFE – the here and now to be enjoyed…including this process of creating my big vision.
So super important to remember this part – that this moment is all we really have.

PossibilitiesVisionPackage_smTo keep me organized in a visual and fun way I created a “collage package” – that can house the different course exercises I’ll work on, and remind me that life is packed with possibilities for





even if I don’t know exactly what it all looks like!

And also remind me that creating, playing and thriving in the process is what life is really all about.

So I continue on this journey as an entrepreneur, remembering to take my days to play along the way. And make the process of creating my big vision as joy-filled and playful as possible, too.

How about you? Do you know what your big vision looks like? Can you relax into not knowing exactly and joy the process of creating anyway?

I’d love to hear about your journey!




P.S. If you like the look of the musings page I shared above, join my mountain mermaid community and you’ll receive a PDF of this musings play sheet to do your own big vision musing…or whatever musing you feel inspired to:)

P.S.S. We have a winner of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal: Bernice. Thank you to each of you that stopped by and liked my new mountain mermaid studios facebook page. I hope it will continue to inspire you!


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My 2016 Musings Adventure Begins


As I wrote last week, my play over the holiday weeks took me outside into a beautiful winter wonderland. This made me feel that my 2016 #musingsadventure got off to a slow start.  Although as I look back at this spread with the last days of December and the first days of this new year, I feel it captures it pretty well.


One thing you may notice is I’ve lettered the word studio quite a few times. I’ve decided, at least to begin the year, that I will play with the lettering of this word, and then capturing the essence of what I’ve done in my studio on those days. I hope that I can use this as a bit of an accountability tool as I work towards sharing more inspiration to create, play & thrive through mountain mermaid studios. And the challenge of spontaneously playing with these letters will give me something to focus on.


I am also noticing that my practice is changing a bit. A friend asked me the other day if I use pencil to start my squares – to help me figure out the layout of each square. And the answer to that is yes – sometimes.


Lately though, I’ve found myself starting with different shades of grey marker, and sometimes a black one. This lets me capture my day as it comes to me and have the spaciousness to return to the square and play with color.

I worked on this past week’s spread earlier today — Saturday went down in colored markers without effort, and then I spent time coloring in the first part of the week. I look forward to playing with more color on the remainder of this spread a bit later.

You can see from my top image (the first week of the year) that some times the coloring gets left behind (I may or may not get back to it). And I am really liking creating little coloring pieces for myself that I can essentially go back to when I want to/have time.

How is your creative journey going as we begin this year? Please share in the comments!




P.S. If you’ve made it this far along in the post I so appreciate you, and you’re in for a treat. I held onto a few copies of the printed edition of the Daily Musings Journal (which is sold out!) and I now have a printable PDF edition available.  And I’m doing a giveaway.

I have just created a Facebook page for mountain mermaid studios (it’s still pretty bear bones and it needs some love (=likes)) so I can spread inspiration to create, play & thrive even further. I’d love for you to join me there.

Like my page and then head back here and let me know you did – you’ll be entered to win a 2016 Daily Musings Journal. Please include where you’re from – peeps from the U.S. are eligible for the printed edition and international peeps can win a copy of the printable PDF edition of the Daily Musings Journal. If you already have a Daily Musings Journal I hope you’ll stop by and like the page anyway. If you let me know here, and you win you can give your journal to a friend so you can be on the #musingsadventure together. I’ll be happy to ship the journal directly to them! Giveaway closes next Friday, January 22 at midnight mountain time.



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Journaling Challenge to Begin The 2016 Journey Within


I am really excited to be teaching in the year long course – The Journey Within, Creative Exploration Through Art Journaling and Handmade Books – hosted by Kiala Givehand. To get this yearlong journaling party started Kiala asked me to participate in an art journaling challenge/blog hop where I got to give her an art journaling challenge!!

Since (as you may know if you’ve been following along here for awhile) lettering is one of my favorite go to creative outlets, my challenge to Kiala was to create a page that uses lettering, writing & color to create the visual. I gave her a few examples from my pages, including the following two:



I also gave her this image on the left…which is actually a journal cover I created. This is the image that inspired me to pull out my sumi ink and my found object writing implements.



It had been awhile since I played in this way, and I had forgotten how much fun it was to write large with one of my favorite wooden stick pens. You can’t completely predict what will happen with the width of your lines, and that is part of the fun.


I used a finer point pen, carved from a piece of bamboo, for the writing at the bottom.


Once the sumi ink dried completely (and that took a little time) I began to add color using watercolor. It was fun just messing around, and I kind of like how the final piece came out (image at top of post)… it reminds me of how beautiful winter can be in the Rocky Mountains, and gets me excited to play in the sunshine and snowflakes of this Rocky Mountain winter.

I hope you’ll have some fun playing with letters & writing & color by giving this art journaling challenge a try. You can check out how this challenge inspired Kiala on her blog – here. Check out the other awesome creative hoppers (teachers for The Journey Within) here, too.

You can also click the image below to find out more about The 2016 Journey Within.


I’d love to have you join in the fun!




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