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Join Me for a Musings Adventure?


Hello Friends!

I have been a stranger here…for quite a long time. After my summer time travels I did not find the energy or inspiration to blog right away. And now…it’s almost October.

Many things are brewing along my quest to share creative inspiration.
I believe I will blog again, and for now I must continue my break.

But I didn’t want to let fans
of the
Daily Musings Journal
be without information on the 2017 edition.

It is coming…and to celebrate I’m hosting a Doodle Days Musings Adventure in October.

Click here for all the details and to sign-up.



Details and purchasing information for the 2017Daily Musings Journal can be found at

The shopping cart will be open on Saturday, October 1. And for Musings Adventure participants there will be a wee special to kick-off the doodle fun.

I hope to see you along the adventure!!



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A New Adventure is Beginning…


This weekend I head to California…for my first week of Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts.

I have been following Chris’ work for several years now, and I first painted with her last fall at Ghost Ranch. It was a magical time of painting just for the joy of it.

Looking back I realize that creating has pretty much always been about the process for me.

The magic is in the present moment, playing with the creation.


Since my time at Ghost Ranch I have created a small painting space of my own (above is my most recent painting inspired by a recent adventure to Sand Dunes National Park, and also the goddess Rhiannon who encourages you to question rather than doubt.

I’ve been wanting to share more about the magic of creating, and there has also been much doubt.

So I’m thrilled to be mentoring with Chris over the next ten months  – to ask questions rather than doubt, to gain skills and confidence, and to develop some fun creativity programs that I can share with you.

I am beyond excited about the where this might lead me and Mountain Mermaid Studios…and you…somewhere with loads of magical creative inspiration!

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.



P.S. Wanna go on a musings adventure? We’re going to have some doodle fun! Click here to check out the details about this free e-adventure!



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Believe in Your Big Vision


…even when you’re not sure

exactly what it looks like!

When I sat down to play in my January Journey Within journal this past weekend, this just flowed out of my brush.

I just began the Right Brain Business Plan Facilitated ECourse, and this past week we were to begin working on our big vision.


I had created a big vision accordion piece last spring (above),
and felt stuck at the prospect of creating a new big vision.


Then I did the visualization exercise for the class hoping to get ‘unstuck’. These journaling musings (left)  came easily, especially the doodles, after listening to Jen’s visualization.

I decided I’m not quite done with my vision board from last year, but there was something more I needed to keep me motivated to follow through in this class. Because I want and need to complete more of the very useful, and creative, business exercises in order to move forward with my mountain mermaid studios vision – even if I don’t know exactly what it looks like:)

I also decided to let myself be OK with not really knowing exactly what my big vision looks like. I know I’ve got a lot of moving parts that I feel committed to:

I also have a bunch of other projects in my heart that I hope to bring to life one day.

And in the mean time there is LIFE – the here and now to be enjoyed…including this process of creating my big vision.
So super important to remember this part – that this moment is all we really have.

PossibilitiesVisionPackage_smTo keep me organized in a visual and fun way I created a “collage package” – that can house the different course exercises I’ll work on, and remind me that life is packed with possibilities for





even if I don’t know exactly what it all looks like!

And also remind me that creating, playing and thriving in the process is what life is really all about.

So I continue on this journey as an entrepreneur, remembering to take my days to play along the way. And make the process of creating my big vision as joy-filled and playful as possible, too.

How about you? Do you know what your big vision looks like? Can you relax into not knowing exactly and joy the process of creating anyway?

I’d love to hear about your journey!




P.S. If you like the look of the musings page I shared above, join my mountain mermaid community and you’ll receive a PDF of this musings play sheet to do your own big vision musing…or whatever musing you feel inspired to:)

P.S.S. We have a winner of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal: Bernice. Thank you to each of you that stopped by and liked my new mountain mermaid studios facebook page. I hope it will continue to inspire you!


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A Pretty Picture

doesn’t always share the story…

of driving across the valley and up a dirt road to reach this high spot with a perfect view.

of wandering around the field amongst the grasses and cactus as the day waned.

of munching on sandwiches & garden carrots & chips on the floor of the van

of quiet conversation between husband and wife

of anticipation of the rising

of the rise – with naked eyes and through binoculars – of the super harvest moon

of watching that moon move into full eclipse

of breathing in and out

of winding back down the dirt road and across the valley as the moon grew dark and orangish

Our world is full of so many beautiful wonders!
What a extra-ordinary treat it was to experience this natural phenomena.
It was a beauty.

And, as Jamie Ridler asks for this full moon, what dream did I want to bring to fruition? Today I said a big yes to Chris Zydel’s next Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program. Dream come true!

And today the 2016 Daily Musings Journals arrived from the printer! Another dream come true!
You can check out the details for purchasing here. Pssst…if you’re on my mermaid tales list you’ll be receiving an early order discount code on Thursday. Sign-up here.

draw hop 2 day 5 graphic

The last bit of news I’m excited to share – I’m participating in Kelly Johnson’s (Wings, Worms & Wonder) Draw Yourself Back to Nature Blog Hop. She is a super creative nature journaler. See Kelly sparkle as she explains the details on her blog here!

I’d love to see you back here on Friday, October 9 when I’ll be sharing some fun doodling back to nature.

Until then…enjoy some extra-ordinary, ordinary wonders of our beautiful world!





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a doodling practice & found inspirations



August is coming to a close, and thus the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure. I hope those of you who have been doodling along have enjoyed your adventure. I so appreciate all who have let me know this – and have shared parts of your adventure with me, and others.

Journaling is a personal practice, so please know that if you’re reading this and have not felt the desire to share, and you’re enjoying yourself, I see you and embrace your process.

This month has been an interesting learning experience for me. It was my hope to guide you to find your own way with your doodling practice – whether that meant doodling each day or only some days; sharing or no.


I am far from perfect – the above image was taken yesterday, and I was just playing around with the part of the week that had already passed.

I often don’t find the band width to practice every day, but I have found I love to come back to it regardless.

I often don’t share consistently – and there are some pieces that feel too personal to share. When I began my musings practice I never had any thoughts of sharing. It was not until this evolved into the Daily Musings Journal that I evolved into sharing. My sharing, along with my practice, is dynamic.

There is no wrong way – my hope for you is that you find a process and a practice that you love and feeds your soul.
And as surely as night turns to day your practice & process will like ebb & flow and evolve over time. Mine certainly has.

And if the Daily Musings Journal I have created for bite-sized creative play helps you discover your practice I am grateful for this as well.



This week I want to share another technique I’ve grown to really enjoy. I steal this phrase – found inspirations – from my dear friend and fellow creative, Julie Gibbons, who introduced me to it.

I love cutting up magazines during down time when I don’t have energy for much else. There is a wealth of words & images that become great material for collaging and journaling. Over the past several years I have created a number of envelopes where I collect words, phrases, letters & images. They are not super organized, but they make it easy whenever I feel called to create a found inspiration collage.

You can see from the top image in the post (from the one just above) how my Thursday collage evolved. The words came together first, and then I created the background before I glued down the words with a glue stick.


Before this August Musings Adventure comes to a close, I have one more thing I’d like to share. Any of you who have loved this practice and also love a tangible journal you can hold in your hands, I hope you will share with me a little tidbit about your doodling practice in the comments.

If you do you will be entered to win a printed edition of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal (click here to learn more about the Daily Musings Journal). Leave your comment by next Thursday, September 3 and I will draw a winner on Friday, September 4. (Journals will be available by the end of September.)

And if you’d like to keep doodling through the end of this year, I have created a download of September – December 2015 Daily Musings Journal. Click here for details and to purchase.
If you were part of the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure, or you receive my mermaid tales – don’t forget to use the coupon code for a 20% discount (through September 9).

So my doodling friends, I hope we may continue to stay connected in whatever way feels right for you. Thank you, with all my heart, for being on this journey with me!





LaurasDoodlingBookP.S. I thought you might enjoy another doodlers creative approach to the August Musings Adventure. Thanks to another dear friend and fellow creative, Laura, for sharing her fun doodle book!


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