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Wrappin’ It Up & Winners!


To wrap up the week I wanted to share my first finished spread in my Musings Adventure Journal. As my musings were specifically for the Mini Musings Adventure I collaged the header I made for the adventure’s print out to the top of the pages, along with some other painted paper scraps. The bottom right corner is a drawing from a tarot card I pulled at the beginning of the week for full moon guidance.

7-pentacles_smThe card is from The Wild Unknown deck which is the only tarot deck I own (so far:). I love the black and white illustrations, with bits of color on some cards, and I have made drawings from the cards in my musings journals periodically since I got the deck early in 2015. When I do this it sort of seals the guidance the card has for me, and it has helped my drawing skills, too! I don’t have the Wild Unknown guide book so I love Carrie Mallon’s blog post series of her interpretations on the deck.

One of the things Carrie’s interpretation of the seven of Pentacles mentioned was Get Reorganized.  Ha, I thought – the full moon has me pegged as I moved into the Mini Musings Adventure. Although I spent time thinking about what I wanted to include for my posts I did not feel organized around getting the posts created. It has been a busy week for this little mermaid.

The real point, though, of sharing my musings adventure spread is to share with you some of the ways I like to finish out my spreads. Some weeks it is bare bones, but other weeks I’m super inspired to fill up the whole page/spread. All my doodles help remind me of the time I was creating and I adore looking back on them.

Oh yes and I meant to mention I’ve been adding dates to the outside of my Musings Adventure Journal squares so I’m easily reminded of when I created them. You can see that really well on the top image in Messages for You and Me. I’m loving the flexibility of the undated squares so far! I look forward to trying some different series of doodles – that I can begin, and begin again whenever I want!

I’d like leave you with a list of other ideas you might consider for your musings:

  • Write a haiku
  • Create a 30 second illustration (inspired by Lynda Barry’s book Syllabus – this book is fascinating!)
  • Make a blind contour drawing
  • Track how your garden grows
  • Doodle across squares
  • mother–daughter moments
  • track sensations (some call it pain) if you’re on a healing journey
  • what did I put in my mouth?
  • gratitudes
  • quotes
  • [fill in your idea]

And the winners are…

Creating a Visual with Your Writing (Sticker Pages) — Dianne
Love Your Letters (Sticker Pages) — Debra
Personal Icons, Shapes & Lines (Sticker Pages) — Mtb Chick (aka Cath:)
Mini Mandala Making & a Tangled Visit (Sticker Pages) – Elaine
Messages for You & Me (Musings Adventure Journal) – Deanna

If you lovelies will email me your mailing address to lisa (at) mountainmermaidstudios (dot) com I’ll mail your prizes out! Thank you so much for your sharing, and your wonderful comments! Keep on playing along your musings adventure!

And I hope all of you have enjoyed the adventure, will keep up the doodle fun and adore looking back on your musings adventure. I have appreciated the wonderful feedback I have received and the musings that have been shared. And I always love to hear from you!







P.S.S. If you haven’t ordered your Musings Adventure Journal yet, feel free to hop on over here to check out all the details and get yours today!




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Growth Comes With Weeds


I’ve been roaming about my yard and flower gardens in recent days – looking for signs of growth and beauty. There have been a few gems — like the daffodil (above), but mostly I’m seeing last year’s dried and dead flowers and lots of weeds (you can even spot a notorious one from my neck of the Rocky Mountains just behind the daffodil).

As I contemplated how I wanted to approach tending my flower gardens this season (it’s a bit complicated because we’re going to begin some renovation on our house that will affect some areas of the yard) I was reminded how, this gardening thing can be a great metaphor in life.

Right now in my work I am beginning to expand my creative work offerings so they become an important part of my business. It is my dream – to inspire others to create play and thrive not only here through my musings (which I trust I do at least some of the time:) and my monthly mountain mermaid tales, but also with moola making products and services  – like the Daily Musings Journal.

With growth there will always be weeds
that need pulling out and discarding.

In my creative work some of those weeds include fear and old thinking patterns of not enough.

If I tend my flower garden well, this is what I might look forward to later this summer…


To help me tend my metaphorical garden, to achieve the beautiful growth I’m looking for, I’ve recently joined the Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Cohort Circle. This beautiful community will be my water and fertilizer this coming year, and I’m looking forward to the growth it will help me achieve.

Look for some changes and additions in the coming year. I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

How do you want to tend the metaphorical garden in your life to allow room for growth?

Happy spring – and happy gardening.



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Going with the Flow


It’s summer time in Salida.

The river is flowing and the boaters are here.

It was FIBArk this past weekend which meant lots of live music, boat races of all sorts – including a bit of hooliganism – and the carnival.


So I spent my weekend taking it all in – I even indulged in a sunset ferris wheel ride.

Indulging in PLAY is essential.


And right now all I seem to wanna do is play outside…
so I’m going with that flow.

There are all sorts of things calling me outside to play…like camping overnights, exploring the high country on foot and two wheels, swimming in that flowing river (when it comes down a bit more:), wildflowers and maybe even a few wild animals:)


And there is also the garden which calls me to tend and harvest so I can eat yummy greens – and later tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and more.


And pizza to put on the grill

All of this…at the expense of sharing creAte, PLaY, ThrIvE – which is also a form of play for me, and always in my heartfelt intentions.

I still plan to share this summer, but I’m going with the flow of being more sporadic in my postings.

What play do you plan to indulge in this summer? Go outside and do it! And then…come back and share when you have a spare minute:) I promise I’ll do the same.





P.S. You can also find spontaneous #createplaythrive posts on Instagram where I post at lisa_deyoung. Instagram is so easy & fun – it’s my new create addiction!

P.S.S. My indulgence in play has also caused me to be late with mountain mermaid tales this month. But I promise I will get it out later this week…or perhaps next. It will encourage you to play, so if you’re not signed up I’d love for you to take a minute and join the intrepid mermaids that are.  Click here to learn more and to subscribe.

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Stop, Watch & Listen to Enjoy Garden Gems


Looking down from our deck I am delighted by our wild garden courtyard. The sunflowers have loved the recent rains, and now tower over my head and pop with bright yellow.  Pockets of other flowers and colors hide in between.

It is a joy to experience the life that hums through it.

You can’t see it in the image above, but one of the garden Rufous hummingbirds is keeping watch on the feeder. There are several Rufous & Broadtail hummingbirds that have quite the rivalry going in our little corner of wildness.


They chase each other around the garden, seemingly trying to make sure they are king over the feeders; they hide amongst the sunflowers and in the neighbors’ trees. I can often here their buzz, and sometimes feel it if they get close, before I see them.

Sometimes a rest is in order – of course while keeping watch – on the veggie garden fence.


Our veggie garden is also flourishing. Kale, snap peas and even carrots are the current prolific favorites. And there are lots of cucumbers and tomatoes on the vine – soon to be ready for our eating pleasure.VeggieGarden

Back to the hummingbirds: It seems they, too, need to eat some times. I would sure be hungry if I buzzed around chasing my comrades (or rivals as it appears they are) constantly, as they do.


There are also many bees buzzing about the garden, and the other day I caught a beautiful swallowtail butterfly at the hummingbird feeder.


I’m amazed that I captured a few decent images of the fast moving hummingbirds and other life that teams through our gardens. These images offer but a small glimpse of the great summertime entertainment our wild backyard gardens provide me and my hubby.

We love to stop, watch and listen whenever we can.

There always seems to be a hum of activity. Even at the quietest moment we find hidden little gems when we stop to look closely.

Have you found any summer time gems in your yard this summer, or as you go about your day? Take a few moments to stop, watch and listen and I bet you’ll find some.

Enjoy the rest of your summer…the last month of it starts in just a few short days.

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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New Beginnings

Newly potted and left front flower bed just beginning to come back to life

Left front flower bed just beginning to come back to life & newly potted (the deer had a feast last night, but I know everything will come back even stronger:)

It seems that since I have had a yard, and gardens in that yard – I meet each spring with anticipation. I am not a big fan of weeding (it’s kind of like house cleaning which, although I love a clean house, is not high on my list of fun things to do), but I do love having beautiful flowers and fresh veggies to eat. And I do love the creating and nurturing part, too.

The anticipation comes from thinking
about how the yard will evolve.

A rather crazy & beautiful wildflower garden had evolved in our backyard. In the past few years it has filled with tall sunflowers, bee flowers and many others.

Wildflower Garden - August 2012

Wildflower Garden – August 2012

We’ve had some lovely rain this spring, and I see the flax which gave us lovely little purple flowers to start the summer, popping up everywhere.

Tim just finished cutting down the big sunflower stalks from last summer

Tim just finished cutting down the big sunflower stalks from last summer

What will it look like as the summer progresses?

This year we started our veggie garden earlier than usual. A dear friend (and experienced gardener) brought me some row cover and insisted the greens would be fine under it – no matter what mother nature had in store for the spring. We now have quite a bit of spinach and lettuce ready to eat – along with baby bok choy, kale and on the way.

Last Saturday Tim planted the rest of the garden with seeds and some small plants (including some squash plants I had started inside).

Beginning of 2013

Beginning of 2013

August 2012

August 2012

I planted several large pots with annual flowers, and transferred some basil plants I had started inside, to pots.

Tiny basil plants and a cherry tomato plant

Tiny basil plants and a cherry tomato plant

Deck Pot - new addition last summer

Deck Pot – new addition last summer

Small flower beds also hug the house in both the front and the back (see top photo for an idea of what I mean). They were started (revived I should really say), by the woman who rented our house just after we bought it (and before we moved in). I have been nurturing these beds, and although I am not completely satisfied with the mixture of plants, each summer they provide much color, beauty and joy.

So what will happen this year? It always feels like the big unknown in the beginning. Things are just beginning to sprout in some places, and are still barren in others. Will my pots fill out, bloom & thrive? Will our tomato and squash plants bear lots of fruit?

I am certainly not wishing the summer to be further along. I have grown to enjoy this anticipation as part of the journey – while trusting that the gardens will evolve and grow in the beautiful way they should.

I find this garden cycle a beautiful analogy
for cycles in life.

There are times when we are just beginning, and times when we are in full bloom. And then, of course, there are usually fallow times. Thinking of the cycle of growth in my garden helps me to remember that these fallow times are a resting period – and that these are important parts of the cycles in life. It also reminds me how important it is to take care of myself – as I care for my garden (even if weeding is not always my favorite project:)

How does your garden
(flowers/vegetables and life) grow?

I’d love to hear from you.

Lisa, the mountain mermaid

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