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Working with Resistance


Last Tuesday I participated in Resistance RX a webinar hosted by the lovely and wonderful Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts and Andrea Schroeder of Creative Dream Incubator.

I came away with a very interesting perspective on Resistance.

Resistance shows up when you want to grow and expand – which I have to say is something I’m working towards all of the time. Isn’t learning & growing what keeps life interesting?

So no wonder resistance is always hanging around…

Andrea and Chris lovingly pointed out that you cannot try to shove resistance in the closet…(it is not something you can fix). Resistance will always show up so you must learn to be with it, work with it, dance with it – own it!


(both images are my doodles from during the webinar)


Whenever resistance comes up, they coached supportively, it is important to sit with those feelings, and then move forward with baby steps.

Sharing is a resistance that shows up for me…

every time I want to begin a blog post; post on Facebook; share a new offering and how I am stepping into my role as the creatrix of mountain mermaid studios – resistance taps me on the shoulder and smirks at me.

…not because I don’t like sharing — but because I am afraid that what I share is not enough, that it is awkward & ugly. Resistance wants to keep me safe so I don’t say or do the wrong thing.

And…my heart wants to share inspiration to create play and thrive.

So today I am celebrating resistance and sharing with you in all it’s awkwardness:

I am the proud Creatrix of Mountain Mermaid Studios where I share inspiration to create, play and thrive – and some fun products and courses to help you on your adventures.

I am a work in progress, and I hope there is fun and inspiration enough to keep you hanging around to see how my adventure evolves.

And I truly hope that this inspires you to own your resistance and work with it, too.
I think it is going to make a difference for us!

What is your resistance? And how do you work with it? I’d love for you to share!




P.S. Since I’ve been talking about sharing I can’t close out this post without sharing a little sneak peak about my new offering – coming later this spring.


The Musings Adventure Journal is a new undated version of the Daily Musings Journal! Stay tuned for more details coming soon – Sign-up here!



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The Short Days of the Year…and we have a winner


It’s that time of the year in the Rocky Mountains when the mornings are cold, the shadows are long and night falls early.

I want to cocoon and let go of all thoughts and responsibilities.

And it is the time of the year when my life is full

…of sharing the Daily Musings Journal with the world
…of preparing for holiday festivities
…of reflecting on the year past and what I’m dreaming of for the new year


Time seems to fly and stand still at the same time.

There is not enough time in a day to complete the tasks and to do’s I’ve assigned myself, and yet these dark days have just begun – it feels like it may be forever until the days begin to grow long again.

Do you ever have this feeling?

These polarities are the nature of life, and I am grateful for each moment of this wild & precious life.

During these cold, dark days when I feel the need to go inward and nest I am especially grateful

…for my cozy home
…for my loving hubby
…for my friends & family – near and far
…for the beauty that surrounds me


What are you feeling grateful for these days?

Before I  go, I also want to announce the winner of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal from the Mini Musings Adventure last week: Debra Marrs. I want to express my heart felt gratitude to Debra, and all of you who participated in the mini musings adventure. I received such wonderful feedback on the posts. And if you missed them, they are available for you to read at any time – just click here.

Wishing all of my U.S. friends a relaxing & joy-filled Thanksgiving.
And I’ll see you all when the final month of this year begins, and the days are still growing shorter in my corner of the Rocky Mountains.




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Join me for a mini musings adventure next week!


Since it is the time of year when a new Daily Musings Journal is ready to go out into the world, I thought it would be fun to share a bit more about it’s evolution, and my eclectic, perfectly imperfect musings practice…

2016JournalCover-InsidePg_smEach day next week I will share a bit about my musings practice along with fun musings tips & techniques, and info on tools for your adventure.
There will also be a chance to win a 2016 Daily Musings Journal.*

There is nothing you need to do to join in the fun, although if you want to get a taste of the Daily Musings Journal format (and you don’t have a 2015 edition), you can sign-up and receive a PDF download of the week spread of the journal.


Here is how I have it planned for the week to unfold…

Monday, November 16: Introduction/History and Tools for Your Adventure
Tuesday, November 17: Love Your Letters
Wednesday, November 18: Personal Iconography: Lines, Marks & Shapes
Thursday, November 19: Found Words Inspiration Collage
Friday, November 20: Developing a Practice for You

…although since my practice is perfectly imperfect, things could always change a bit.

I do know that if you share your adventures in the comments next week you’ll be entered to win a 2016 Daily Musings Journal.* And a winner will be chosen on Saturday, November 21 and announced the following Monday here on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you next week!





* Due to shipping costs the winner must be from the U.S. (sorry international peeps). And if you’ve already bought your 2016 Daily Musings Journal — I hope you’ll still join in the fun. Remember these journals make great gifts, and if you win I’d be happy to ship your journal to any address within the U.S.


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the Dawning of a New Age


I have a birthday coming – tomorrow!

I’ve heard this particular age called double nickels, a speed limit, and – my favorite at the moment – 55 and foxy! Yes – I like that thought!

And now I’ve revealed the number of my age.
But this number is not really what is significant.

Making peace with the changes that come with this number …in my body, mind & spirit…is what I’ve been thinking about.

In my body: I’ve been so healthy most of my life. And as an avid outdoors person I love to mountain bike, hike, ski, and…
I’ve always considered myself a very active person.
In the past several years I have found myself being a little more intimidated on some of my adventures. When I fall from my mountain bike it seems to hurt more and take longer to recover.

And I don’t seem to have the same stamina and strength that I used to. There are spots that I used to pedal through without thinking, and now I find myself getting off my bike and walking through some of these sections.

If I’m honest I don’t enjoy the bumpy jarring over the rocks when I used to be able to seemingly glide right through.

I’ve also had a few health issues, and it has been challenging to not always feel 100%.

In my mind: This new age is a challenging transition – learning to come to terms with these changes in my body; to realize that it is my ego mind that wants to pedal through every rocky section of the trail I have in the past and doing this, or not, does not make me.

In my spirit: I am grateful for the yoga practice that I have found in the past several years. It is helping me to navigate these changes in my body and to BE with what is in each moment. It is helping me to let go and love myself now; to enjoy each moment, and BE OK with not doing some things to the same level that I used to.


I have thought a lot {about this} as this birthday has approached. I am grateful for all that is in this moment.

Life is too precious, and it is time to make peace with this new age.

Where can you make peace with where you are in this moment – no matter what has been in the past, or you wish for the future? I’d love to hear how you navigate the inevitable changes that happen in your life.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.





P.S. I am off to Ghost Ranch in Abiqui, New Mexico – to be in the space where Georgia O’Keefe painted, and to paint with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Art. I look forward to being in each moment of this coming week in this very special place – with very special people who I have not yet met. I’ll be sure to report back about my adventures…see you in a few weeks.

Sept-Dec2015DMJcvrIn the mean time – if you missed the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure, I’ve created a printable download of the rest of the year of the Daily Musings Journal. Click here to check it out and get yours today!


{Selfie images taken down my the Arkansas River on September 7 – no planning, no filter, no adjusting, no make-up – just me in the moment.}


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Ebb & Flow


Earlier this month I spent a few days in Taos – at the Playful Pages art retreat. Ebb & Flow is the name I gave to the piece I created (photo above).  Ebb and flow applies to a river –  which I see in my piece. I experience this ebb and flow as I watch the Arkansas River near my home – through the seasons and through the years. Ebb and flow is also a great metaphor for how I often experience life. I even felt this ebb and flow during my days at the retreat.

At the retreat not only did I get to create my fun stand-up journal along side ten beautiful women, we also experienced a variety of Taos culture together – visiting Taos Pueblo, Hacienda de Los Martinez, the Millicent Rogers Museum and the St Francisco de Asis Church. There were also quite a few laughs shared – oh and a little bit of exploring Taos and shopping:) It was a jam packed few days – with space to breath.


Taos Pueblo


Ink bloom demo by Judith (sorry — kinda blurry)


Sketching during our ‘field trips’ on my ‘chalk pastel’ prepared pages


A funny found poem, created from a photocopy of a page from “The Classic Myths” that Judith gave each of us, is also included on my stand-up journal piece.

glittered with diamonds
splendor of the scene
more beautiful
celebrate thee,
sunrise in purple
the Sun.
the light
memory of the idea

We each read our poems aloud to the group. Each poem was unique and so beautiful, like the women that created them.

Thank you Judith and all the beautiful women of the Taos retreat! I am missing you all, and look forward to creating together again one day. (Click here to see Judith’s awesome slide show of our weekend, and learn more about her work.)

How do you experience ebb and flow in your life?

Have a beautiful weekend friends!





P.S. Early next week I’ll be launching the sale of my 2015 Daily Musing Journal. If you want to learn about my early bird special first, click here to subscribe to my email list.


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