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Daily Musings Adventures to Start the Year


Road Trip in Tucson

Before leaving on our December road trip to the Tucson area I was honored with the best Christmas present ever – my 2015 Daily Musings Journals sold out!

By now 200 creative peeps have the 2015 Daily Musings Journal in their hands (I know a lot were bought for gifts), and I’ve already seen many creative pages that several online friends have shared.

CollageDivaEndDec2014My friend Kathryn –the Collage Diva– created a great post highlighting her first week with her new Daily Musings Journal. I am honored that she shared her pages both on her blog and on Facebook.

And she spurred sharing amongst some friends with Daily Musings Journals on Facebook, which was a joy to see. I love how each of us is playing in her journal in our own unique way.

The ideas it has spurred for me are wonderful! I have not done much collage in my journal before – and I know I’ll be adding that to the mix this year.

Here are a few more of my pages. They have always been more about recapping my day than one central theme, and so I really love some of the sketches and doodles that emerged on our December road trip (above) and in the beginning of this year (see images below).


I’ve started a little collage already 🙂


I keep one of those round paper clips on the currents week page so it is easy to find!


I love my Staedtler markers – for their fine line and fun colors!

I know sharing journal pages is not for everyone — it can feel vulnerable as journaling is a very personal practice. It is always fine to keep your journals private – and if you have a Daily Musings Journal and would like to share I’d love to see and hear about what you’re up to.

For more ideas on journaling and/or adding some creativity and color to your journaling practice check out Kathryn’s post. Here is another post, by the Creative Wildcat, that offers up some fun ideas for planners, too.

I look forward to seeing what the new year brings to my pages! And I’d love to hear about your creative journaling adventures, too.

Happy New Year! Happy Weekend!






P.S. If you missed out on getting a Daily Musings Journal this year and you’re interested, please sign-up for my updates here. There might even be some fun printable shares throughout the year — well there definitely will be fun printables if you check the box for mountain mermaid tales, too 🙂


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