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Long Time Friends Get Together


Karen on the Continental Divide

Karen arrived for her first Colorado visit with me on a warm and somewhat overcast day last week. We have been talking about this visit for a few years, and it finally came together this year.

It had been a long time since we had seen one another — probably 7 or 8 years. And the last time was on her turf, near Philadelphia.

As the time for her visit grew near, it seemed mother nature was not going to cooperate with beautiful Colorado powder I was hoping to share with her on the ski slopes.

Since she had originally wanted to come to Colorado to go skiing I wasn’t sure what she would think if I suggested some other activities. To my delight she not only didn’t mind, she was excited when I suggested we might try snowshoeing and visiting Sand Dunes National Park.

I have to admit I was a little nervous before she arrived – what would she think of my small town mountain lifestyle; would she have fun?

My worries dissolved the minute she gave me a big hug at the airport. Although we live very different lives, Karen is still the same adventurous spirit Karen I met many years ago. And she was excited for the adventures of a new place, with a dear old friend.


Snowshoeing *** Skiing (after hiking to the top of Mirkwood at nearly 12,000 feet) *** Sand Dunes

And what great adventures we had – tromping through the snow on snowshoes, skiing at Monarch and exploring at Sand Dunes National Park; and wandering around my small town, listening to the brass ensemble at Symphonic Salida, tasting local gin at Woods Distillery, and soaking in hot springs.

Just chatting it up about all sorts of things and rekindling our friendship in person after all these years was one of the best parts of her visit.

I will hold dear the relaxing and adventurous time we spent together.

What adventure memories can you create with good friends – new or old?




P.S. I didn’t get to much journaling while Karen was here, but I had such fun creating an “adventures with Karen” page in my Daily Musings Journal after she headed home.


You can learn more about the Daily Musings Journal here 🙂


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Daily Musings Journal – Outside the Box


I am intrigued with where my Daily Musings Journal has begun leading me this year. Not only am I creating more visually, but I am beginning to share my journey more and more.

Besides sharing with you here, a small group of musers has gathered on Facebook. It is so exciting (= also a little scary & vulnerable feeling) to see my creation being loved by creative peeps all over the world.


As I was cleaning up the piles on my studio workspace I came across the label (image left) from Boxcar Coffee beans.

I almost wanted to start this post with this image as it feels like this is where my musings are leading me as 2015 gets fully underway. Part of creating is sharing, and this is a place I still feel a bit out of my comfort zone. I stumble over over words & images as I discover my voice to share my hearts deepest dreams and desires.

It occurs to me the synchronicity of what I created with part of this coffee label – I bought these beans in Denver when I attended Creative Mornings and saw Cynthia Morris speak on taking creative chance. Putting my creative work out into the world and creating community around is taking a chance, which always put me out of my comfort zone. Take a listen to Cynthia’s inspiring talk here.


I’m thinking it is not an accident, either, that a compass appeared on my spread this week – as I continually look to discover my path to true north while sharing my creative adventures.

My day highlights still appear on just about every day square, but they have become secondary to the doodles/illustrations/collages I am creating.

I am still in love with my Staedtler markers, although intrigued by the wet mediums that some of my fellow musers have tried on their pages.

14Jan-Monarch Although #januarythaw seems to be in full swing right now, last week included some fun ski days, too. Getting outside to play and move my body always brings me back to center.

I love the shadows created by the chairlift image I used to illustrate this day. (That is me:)

I’m loving a little warm weather this week, but I hope the snow doesn’t stay away for too long as I’m looking forward to lots more ski days this season — it is only January after all.

previous-week-photo-transferLastly I wanted to share something new I played with in my journal the previous week – simple image transfer. I was playing with this for a Creative Play Night I’m guiding next week in my home town. I’ll be demonstrating this blender pen image transfer technique, and we’ll be making Valentines to ourselves.

If my musings looks like fun to you, and you missed out on getting a 2015 Daily Musings Journal, be sure to sign-up for my updates here. You’ll receive a fun printable musings playsheet to get started with right away, and you’ll be the first to learn about the 2016 Daily Musings Journal next fall!

Happy Musing, and I’d love to hear about the chances you’re taking in your creative life!





P.S. For more amazing Daily Musings Journal inspiration check out my friend Kathryn’s blog here.

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Daily Musings Adventures to Start the Year


Road Trip in Tucson

Before leaving on our December road trip to the Tucson area I was honored with the best Christmas present ever – my 2015 Daily Musings Journals sold out!

By now 200 creative peeps have the 2015 Daily Musings Journal in their hands (I know a lot were bought for gifts), and I’ve already seen many creative pages that several online friends have shared.

CollageDivaEndDec2014My friend Kathryn –the Collage Diva– created a great post highlighting her first week with her new Daily Musings Journal. I am honored that she shared her pages both on her blog and on Facebook.

And she spurred sharing amongst some friends with Daily Musings Journals on Facebook, which was a joy to see. I love how each of us is playing in her journal in our own unique way.

The ideas it has spurred for me are wonderful! I have not done much collage in my journal before – and I know I’ll be adding that to the mix this year.

Here are a few more of my pages. They have always been more about recapping my day than one central theme, and so I really love some of the sketches and doodles that emerged on our December road trip (above) and in the beginning of this year (see images below).


I’ve started a little collage already 🙂


I keep one of those round paper clips on the currents week page so it is easy to find!


I love my Staedtler markers – for their fine line and fun colors!

I know sharing journal pages is not for everyone — it can feel vulnerable as journaling is a very personal practice. It is always fine to keep your journals private – and if you have a Daily Musings Journal and would like to share I’d love to see and hear about what you’re up to.

For more ideas on journaling and/or adding some creativity and color to your journaling practice check out Kathryn’s post. Here is another post, by the Creative Wildcat, that offers up some fun ideas for planners, too.

I look forward to seeing what the new year brings to my pages! And I’d love to hear about your creative journaling adventures, too.

Happy New Year! Happy Weekend!






P.S. If you missed out on getting a Daily Musings Journal this year and you’re interested, please sign-up for my updates here. There might even be some fun printable shares throughout the year — well there definitely will be fun printables if you check the box for mountain mermaid tales, too 🙂


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The Elusive Sturgeon Moon

Last night as I drifted to sleep to the sound of rain drumming on our roof, I reflected on the full moon and what my intuition is telling me about my dreams (which was the prompt over at Jamie Ridler Studios this month).

I have seen very little of the moon as she waxed into full in recent days. She would pop out for a moment or two only to disappear behind the clouds that have been moving through our skies lately.

The sound of the rain put a small smile on my lips as I drifted off – I am so happy for the moisture our valley has experienced this summer. And I also thought of the folks in El Paso County (Colorado), especially Manitou Springs – who, after the drought and fires, have been experiencing too much rain along with flash floods and mud slides. My heart goes out to them.

I have been thinking a lot about Jamie’s prompt: What is my intuition telling me about my dreams?


My dream board ending up becoming the cover of a cheap Staples notebook I bought recently for writing, writing, writing. I believe one thing my intuition is telling me is that I have some reflecting to do…and that is why my dream board intuitively landed on my new note book.

I had fun creating this over several evenings. Cutting images and playing with layout while in Gandalf (our new camper van) on Monday night, glueing the base image the next night and then finishing the collage pieces the next day.

This morning, a beautiful damp morning with low clouds hanging in the valley, I got to see the waning moon in the western sky before she set for the day. I thought about my process and what that may be telling me about my dreams.


Is the process I use telling me something?

I never seem to sit down and create a dream board in the same way. Some times they are in my journal, sometimes they are on separate boards, and some times (well this time) they become my journal cover.

I look forward to exploring these thoughts as the sturgeon moon wanes and we move into the next moon cycle.

What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid

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Why is self-trust so hard?


Trust is my word for 2013, and it is funny how I have come across so many lessons on trust this year.

About a week ago I went to the Denver screening of Indie Kindred and Jen Lee, the filmmaker, told a powerful story about trusting herself .

And just the other day Jolie Guillebeau, who was featured in that inspiring film about Indie; Kindred; and Collaboration, posted a painting called Trust Yourself. I could so relate to what she said, and Goethe’s words (she quoted) about trust.

All of this inspired the journal page above, and some renewed thinking about where I am with this concept of self-trust.

It is so important to trust yourself – to really believe in you. It makes life so sweet, and yet it can be so hard.

For me the self-trust thing seems to be hard-earned: a concept I need to learn over and over again.

I know that I am a good person, that I make good decisions, and that life is basically awesome – and yet doubt still creeps in regularly, I have to remind myself that I can trust.

Knowing that others struggle with this is a bit of a comfort, I must admit. And I still wonder why it is so hard and what might make it easier.

Is this a concept that is easy for you, or like me, is trust a concept you must learn over and over?

Wishing you lots of love and self-trust!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid

P.S. If this is a concept you struggle with you may like this post – which includes a fun ‘color-it-yourself’ download of the word trust.

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