Creating a Visual with Your Writing


Handwriting can create unexpected visual surprise.

Whether you like your handwriting or not – it really can create a nice visual if you write in a shape, use different colors, and maybe even add some other doodles.

As part of today’s adventure I’ve created a short video (about 2 1/2 minutes) for you to see how I created a visual piece with my handwriting. I’ve sped up the actual writing, but both squares I created took me about 9 minutes total.

Disclaimer: I’m super new at making videos, so I was a bit nervous as I was writing while recording. I had spent a few minutes gathering my thoughts and what I wanted to write, but I did not spend much more time considering how I would execute this – the squares were not at all planned out. That is how I generally work in my musings journal, and when I was done with these squares I felt a little disappointed with the result. This sometimes happens, too. What I do love about these squares is that I have begun to capture writings I want to remember; And they will also always remind me of starting my Musings Adventure Journal, making the video and this May Mini Musings Adventure! I’m so glad you’re here!

Here are a few more examples, from my Daily Musings Journal earlier this year. The two with the drawings have stream of consciousness journal writing in them.


I hope this will help you get started on your adventure using your own writing – even if you don’t particularly care for it. Our handwriting is part of who we are, and if you use it a little differently than you normally do, you just might find you like the results 🙂 I hope so!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more on writing – creating letters with a bit more intention.

stickers-journalBefore I go I want to mention the giveaways that I’ve eluded to. Each day between now and Thursday I’ll be giving away the stickers that come with the Musings Adventure Journal (one sheet of each — see image to the left). To be eligible just leave a comment on the daily post. For today’s entry please share how your creating visuals with your writing went for you 🙂 You can also enter (or for an extra entry) by sharing your visual writing square on Instagram using the hashtag #musings adventure. Be sure to reference creating visuals with writing in your description, too. I’d love to see what you create! [Winners for each day will be chosen on Saturday May 28.]

Thank you again for participating in the May Mini Musings Adventure! Looking forward to meeting you back here tomorrow.





P.S. If you haven’t ordered your Musings Adventure Journal yet, feel free to hop on over here to check out all the details and get yours today!

And if you haven’t signed up for the May Mini Musings Adventure and you want to play along – check out the deets here.



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4 responses to “Creating a Visual with Your Writing

  1. I’ve used colors when creating visuals with writing, but I had not thought of using writing in the background behind an icon or symbol. Thanks for a great idea!

  2. these are great ideas. I use them quite often but must admit not for a while, thanks for the memory jog

  3. Debra Marrs

    Thanks for the great tutorial via your video, Lisa. NICE job! Really like seeing your doodles as inspiration too. Thank you!

  4. I’m a bit behind on playing, so started today. I feel like I don’t have a creative bone in my body. So after journaling last night, I decided to give myself permission to make mistakes and just to try it. Thanks for giving me the springboard!

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