It’s time to start doodling!

fun-simple-true_30July_smFUN, simple, true

This is what I envision — my intention for the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure.

Colorful is another word that comes to mind, too.

This is what I wish for each of you in August.

A little history
My daily musings began many years ago – and I did not think of it as such when I began.

I first started with day planners that I bought and tracked my workouts, runs, bike rides, ski days and other ‘active’ things I did, along with a few other life events that seemed to make it into those planners.

Soon these planners began to feel restrictive, especially because they never gave me the same space for each day of the week. I almost started believing they were made for people who didn’t like the weekend – and fun and play.

When I did not find the kind of journal I needed to fulfill my desire for a different kind of space, I began creating my own design, using a blank spiral bound journal I made.


I experimented with how I wanted to use the space, creating each week by hand.


Wow — it was fun remembering tidbits of my years and seeing how much the journal and my practice has evolved over the years. In 2013 you may be able to see that I began moving towards a design I could reproduce. And I needed to like it enough to commit to creating it ahead of time — for the entire year.


Today my Daily Musings Journal feels a bit like a log book chronicling my adventures – not with a literal transcription of my days, but an interpretation in doodles — really all sorts of letters & lines, words & phrase, drawings & collages, color & more. And my practice still continues to evolve.

Let’s get this Doodle Adventure started!

It is my hope that using the tips, techniques & inspiration you receive from me, and the other wonderful creative bloggers who are helping me on this adventure, will open up a fun new way to take note of your daily musings and that you will have a fun chronicle of your August when this adventure is over.

And that you will find inspiration to continue your doodling adventure.

Since lettering is a process that feels fun & simple for me, I am going to start this adventure with some ideas from this part of my practice.


Not signed up yet, click here to join in the fun – and get your free Doodle Days Musings Adventure download.


To get started this week try choosing a word (or two or ten) that is sparked from your day — and write it or them to take up space in your day’s square.




  • I’ve created a few basic lettering exemplars that may be helpful – click here to download.



  • You may like to find some lettering you like in a book; magazine; or online and copy the style. Is there a logo you really like? Those letters are another place to start.
  • Add any details you want about your day — literally in words, or in doodles or sketches.
  • Try mixing up the scale of your letters/words
  • Add color – I’ll be using my staedtler markers or my prismacolor colored pencils – they are my go to supplies for simple & fun – and color, too!
  • Maybe doodle a few divider borders or bullets – page 3 of the Doodle Days PDF may give you a few ideas for this.

Example_July31_smAs an example I created a square for tomorrow on a sample print out (just left). I copied the letters I created for the musings adventure logo. For musings adventure I created each letter separately, thinking about each letter rather than writing the word in a flow. I tried to leave space between each letter so I could go back and thicken them up on the second go round (do you see the letter I missed?). Then I created the border (you can see this border example on p3 of the PDF) and added the full blue moon rise doodle below. I’m just hoping the weather cooperates for this today:)

So jump on in – the doodles are fine.

You’ll find a rhythm as the month goes on.

I bet you’ll be delighted with the fun doodle musings you create.


As you can see from some of the spreads and squares I’ve shared my practice is sometimes literally writing the things I did in the day. If this feels the simplest way for you to begin — please do that.

I encourage you to try out some colors, or a few words that you want to highlight, or create texture by writing around the edge of the square from the outside to the inside.


There is no right or wrong way to do this — the only way you can get this wrong is if you don’t show up at all.


More on the Adventure
This month I’ll be working in my Doodle Days print out to chronicle my adventures, too. I look forward to trying the other bloggers’ inspiration.  Check back each Wednesday to see what I’ve been up to.

I don’t always get to my musings each day — but this process has offered me the space to pause and consider my day.

  • Sometimes I know exactly what I want to chronicle to remember the day.
  • Sometimes I’ll write down a word, or two, or ten that will help me to remember what I want to document.
  • Sometimes life gets away from me, and I don’t remember to remember the day. This is when I know it’s time to slow down a little and come back to the present.

If you don’t have time to doodle every day (and believe me I can totally relate), use your full musings pages to make notes about what caught your attention in your day – the doodle will come when you get to it!

Keep the intention – FUN, simple, true
And I know you will find a joy filled way to chronicle your days in doodles.

Please stop back next Wednesday, August 5, to see what I get up to! I’m not sure exactly what it will be, but it will be FUN, simple and true!

And click here to join us if you’re not signed-up!


If you love your August Doodle Days download, than you might be excited to know that I’m giving away a PDF download of the remainder of 2015 (September – December). To be eligible please leave a comment telling my why you like to doodle! Add your doodle love in the comments by next Thursday, August 6 and I’ll announce the winner on my Wednesday, August 12 blog post.

Adventure Schedule
Lisa-150July 31 – Lisa DeYoung, aka the mountain mermaid
Lisa is a creative, independent spirit lives by the motto Create, Play, Thrive. She loves chronicling her days in her Daily Musings Journal and hopes to share this bite-size creative play with others through the Doodle Days Musings Adventures. Visit her musings (blog) at


Kiala-squareAugust 7 – Kiala Givehand
Kiala Givehand is a mixed media book artist, creative business strategist, fountain pen collector and art journal junkie. She loves anything in the shape of a circle and journals every single day — even if it’s just one word. Join in her online creative shenanigans at



teresa-150August 14 – Teresa Robinson, aka stargardener
Teresa believes each day is a canvas awaiting the collage elements we decide have meaning — splashed with the authentic paint of our mind, will and emotions. She maps her way through with torn bits of paper, words of found poetry and splashes of paint and ink; posting field notes to and on Instagram.


CindyAugust 21 – Cindy Gilstrap
Cindy is a mixed media artist from Texas that LOVES sharing her joy of creating happy, quirky, whimsical art. Through the years she found her passion for mixed media art and art journaling and loves the freedom to just play in her art journal and thinks we should all take time to play more! Visit her at


August 28 – Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid (see above)

Thoughts on Sharing
Although I am offering options for sharing please do not feel at all obligated to share. I know journaling is a personal process, so whether you decide to share is completely up to you.

That being said, each Wednesday I will have a Linky Tool on my blog post so you can share your blog post with your doodle musings.

I’d also love for you to share with the hashtags #doodledays #musingsadventure on Instagram and/or Twitter. You can find me here on Instagram and here on Twitter.

If you have any questions or want to share any part of your adventure with me, I’d love to hear from you. You can reply to this email, or email me at lisa (at) mountainmermaidstudios (dot) com.

Enjoy your doodling adventure!

lisa-mtn-mermaid-signature xox


P.S. It’s the full blue moon today – an auspicious day to be beginning this adventure, don’t you think? Thank you for joining me.

P.S.S. And if you’re just stumbling upon this blog post, you’ve made it this far and you don’t know about the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure, it’s not too late to join the doodle fun. Click here to learn more and sign-up.


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Doodling & Coloring Come With Benefits!


With all my talk of, and sharing about, doodling, I thought you’d like to know I’m not the only one who thinks doodling is grand.

Doodling and coloring have received a lot of press recently so I thought I’d share what a few others have to say.

The Atlantic Online Edition wrote about the cognitive benefits of doodling – or freehand scribbling – this month.

Back in February Canva‘s blog shared seven ways doodling will change your life.

Parade Magazine featured coloring on their cover earlier this month.

Sunni Brown has also done a TED talk on doodling, and wrote a book called the Doodle Revolution.

I had never analyzed my love of coloring and doodling for specific benefits before – I just knew I loved it.

Not because I’m trying to create any great works of art, but because it is really fun & easy creative play. All my letters & marks become beautiful to me as the memories I want to keep seep into my spirit. Doodling also allows me to let go – of things I’d prefer to forget.

If all this has you convinced you want to try doodling – I have just the place you can start.

Doodle away your August with me on my new e-adventure: Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure.

It’s FREE.
We begin July 31.

All the deets here:

I hope to see you there.






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Doodle Away Your August with me!


Calling all journal junkies & daring doodlers; color fanatics & magic moment makers

…join me as I doodle my way through August on the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure.

Although creating a blog post that is solely promotion is not a normal thing for me, I’m so excited about my new e-adventure I want to be sure you all know about it.

Doodling is such an important and fun part of my play, and the cool thing is you can fit it into your full life. Especially if you only have small snippets of time doodling is a great creative outlet.

Wanna learn more? Click here for details & to sign-up.

Did I mention it is free? Yep — no harm in checking out a free adventure, right. (click the image below)


We begin on July 31. I hope to see you there!



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A Mixed Bag of Summertime Moments


Wow — it is hard to believe it is already July 10!
Summer is cruising along so quickly, and life has felt unusually full since the last time I posted.

My weekdays have been full of working on my new Daily Musings Journal e-adventure. I’ve created this fr*e e-adventure, called Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure, to introduce you to the fun & simple creative journaling practice I have in my Daily Musings Journal. Sign-up will open in one week – I will definitely post about that here – and we begin on July 31.

Between the crazy rainstorms we’ve been experiencing in the Rocky Mountains I have snuck in a few bike rides.

wildflowers-trail_webThe wildflowers are incredible this year.


As is the lavender in my garden – beautiful & yummy smelling.


There has also been construction chaos – my hubby has been dodging rainstorms as he builds a new structure for the roof of our 115 year old house.


And Belfast Circus visitors, too – we’ve had the pleasure of hosting two of them at our house this week (I have yet to get a picture of all of us…but I must before they head home.)


There have even been a few quiet moments wading along the edge of the river.

What are your summertime moments filled with? (or whatever season it may be where you are:)

Be sure to savor each one.

And if you want to capture some of them with a little creative play be sure to sign-up for the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure when it opens next Friday. I’d love to have you join in the fun.




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From Chocolate Creek to Refreshing Creek


About a month ago I posted about exploring along chocolate creek. Guess what? That creek that hadn’t existed during my nine years of living in this area is still flowing, and now it is clear & refreshing. Yep — those are my feet in that creek, that started as a chocolate flow, just this past Saturday.


At this beautiful little waterfall I scooped water onto my face and head, arms & legs. On a hot summer day, this felt oh so refreshing and relaxing.


All this water has created colorful lushness in our arid landscape.

SwallowtailThe swallowtail butterflies that migrate through also seem to be refreshed by all of this water.

What can you do to refresh yourself as summer heats up? Or if you’re reading from down under you might need to refresh yourself with something warm and cozy.

I’d love to hear how you’re refreshing yourself – no matter what the season.




write-doodle-draw_smP.S. Wanna refresh your creative play? Join me for the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure in August. Details and sign-up for this fr*e e-adventure is coming soon :)

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