Long Time Friends Get Together


Karen on the Continental Divide

Karen arrived for her first Colorado visit with me on a warm and somewhat overcast day last week. We have been talking about this visit for a few years, and it finally came together this year.

It had been a long time since we had seen one another — probably 7 or 8 years. And the last time was on her turf, near Philadelphia.

As the time for her visit grew near, it seemed mother nature was not going to cooperate with beautiful Colorado powder I was hoping to share with her on the ski slopes.

Since she had originally wanted to come to Colorado to go skiing I wasn’t sure what she would think if I suggested some other activities. To my delight she not only didn’t mind, she was excited when I suggested we might try snowshoeing and visiting Sand Dunes National Park.

I have to admit I was a little nervous before she arrived – what would she think of my small town mountain lifestyle; would she have fun?

My worries dissolved the minute she gave me a big hug at the airport. Although we live very different lives, Karen is still the same adventurous spirit Karen I met many years ago. And she was excited for the adventures of a new place, with a dear old friend.


Snowshoeing *** Skiing (after hiking to the top of Mirkwood at nearly 12,000 feet) *** Sand Dunes

And what great adventures we had – tromping through the snow on snowshoes, skiing at Monarch and exploring at Sand Dunes National Park; and wandering around my small town, listening to the brass ensemble at Symphonic Salida, tasting local gin at Woods Distillery, and soaking in hot springs.

Just chatting it up about all sorts of things and rekindling our friendship in person after all these years was one of the best parts of her visit.

I will hold dear the relaxing and adventurous time we spent together.

What adventure memories can you create with good friends – new or old?




P.S. I didn’t get to much journaling while Karen was here, but I had such fun creating an “adventures with Karen” page in my Daily Musings Journal after she headed home.


You can learn more about the Daily Musings Journal here :)

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Sometimes things get messy…


Jennifer Lee’s Right Brainers in Business 5th Annual Video Summit started on Monday. Jenn’s first guest was Lisa Congdon — whose work I adore. I also love how she is so real with sharing her life as a working artist. How it is sometimes messy and that it is important to embrace the messy, too.

muddy-steps_400Yesterday during the Video Summit Amethyst Wildfyre talked about spending time in your own nature.

Both of these takeaways struck me as ironic because as I was out hiking near my home over the weekend I was thinking how the muddy trails are a great metaphor for how life is some times – how this creative life I live, and juggling the work I want to do in the world with the play I need to do in my life can get awfully messy, just like the trails, some times.

Sometimes the natural world, and your own nature, can be pretty messy and this seems to mirror what I seem to be experiencing right now in life. And I am glad to be embracing the messy – inside and out!

Enjoy your messy & happy spring is coming.




feathers-sketchP.S. Part of my messy is learning to share my work with others – like you my friends. My next mermaid tales will be going out to my intrepid band of mermaids next week. I’d love to have you join us. This month I’m working with some fun feathers, and I’ve got a great play sheet created for you to print, color & enjoy! (in-process sketch on the left:) Click here to sign-up for my mountain mermaid tales.

P.S.S. The Right Brainers in Business Video Summit goes through next Friday, March 20. There is still time to sign-up and join in! I highly recommend it.

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Backcountry Bliss


While the east coast (of the United States) was getting blizzards and freezing temps in January and February, here in the Colorado Rockies we were experiencing eerily warm weather and little snow in the mountains.

We want the snow — or at least us powder hounds do — and the spring-like trend finally changed towards the end of February.

I know that hiking & skiing is not for everyone, and it is one of my favorite winter pass times.


I love the exertion of the march uphill through the quiet, snowy woods and the exhilaration of making turns in the powder on the way back down.


I love the panorama of the mountains above tree line.


I love spending time with friends on a back country adventure


and the smiles all around from being together outside in nature, and skiing powder.

Thankfully mama nature has been good to us here in the Colorado Rockies lately. This makes me so happy — the strange weather patterns frighten me a bit, and I know that mama nature will do what she needs to.

The forecast indicates we may be in for a sunshine break, but March is one of our snowiest months and  I hope many more snowflakes will fly. I’d love some more backcountry bliss, and the snow is good for the health our economy — ski industry, agriculture, river rafting & other recreation — all need this moisture. We need it for water, too.

I know many of you out there are ready for spring, and in just a few weeks I will be, too, but until then bring on the beautiful white stuff mama nature.

Happy March friends!



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Breaking Through Creative Resistance


As I was playing around with ideas for my next Creative Play Night in Salida (which is tonight:), I grabbed my white crayon to create a crayon resist background. It hit me that this technique is a great metaphor for something I am always working through — creative resistance!

People often tell me I’m creative, and I like to think I’m creative (because I truly believe each of us is creative in her own way), but I often feel that I’m not very creative.

My lifestyle is full with client work & projects; outdoor play & adventure; my home, community & friends; and just everyday life…and it often feels like my creating takes a back seat.

How can I be creative if I don’t always put my creating first?

I see so much cool art out in the world, and I compare my art to what I see.

How can I be creative when so & so’s work is just so cool looking — mine feels so blah to me in comparison?

These thoughts can make me resist even trying to create.

I also know that these are just thoughts my mind is making up. I know that my thoughts can take over if I let them.

me&sand-magicCreativity takes so many forms – it is not just visual art. It is part of how we live our lives and we all have our unique styles.

My mermaid musings are infused with all kinds of different adventures – all creative adventures in their own way.

I guess my point is – if one wants to feel & be creative, it is important to show up for life – all of it. Life includes creative messes and creative masterpieces. It includes times where you may create a lot and some times where creating seems to fall away.


Creative resistance shows up every time I craft a blog post. What is my point for putting these musings out in the world, I think?

I want to share my creative adventures in all of their forms – the raw & messy and the masterpieces – even when I’m feeling resistance. And I want to inspire you, dear reader, to embrace your creative life in all its forms, too.

I’m a life long paper junkie and playing on paper, for me, is an important part of my creative life. And if I don’t show up to this on a regular basis, then this form of creating becomes even that much more difficult – and I feel like I’m not creative.

This year I am striving to show up for my playing on paper creating more regularly. (If you’ve been reading my musings for awhile you probably realize this isn’t the first time I’ve expressed this…and it probably won’t be the last:) And I think sharing my musings helps me to show up!

I love this “playing on paper” form of self-expression. It is so accessible for my lifestyle, and it allows me to create/play/get messy/try new techniques and have fun. In the end I usually like what turns up. And even when I don’t relish the result, I love the process – the process of being in my life.


What kind of creative messes and masterpieces do you enjoy creating?




P.S. If my mermaid musings are inspiring for you, I’d love to have you join my community of intrepid mermaids who receive my monthly mermaid tales. You can sign-up here. I hope to meet you there:)

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Sand Dunes Magic


Sand Dunes National Park is less than two hours from home, and going there is kind of like going to a giant sandbox.

My hubby & I snuck off for a quick overnight to the park for Valentine’s Day last weekend.


There was magic in the shadows


…and the hidden life that we saw signs of


…and nature’s drip castles


and patterns.

My hubby caused a bit of a slab sand-alanche…which was, ummm…interesting… after he stopped sliding with the sand slab and was not buried beneath the sand.


Can you see where the frozen sand slab broke off, and the debris at the bottom, and my tracks going out?

Valentine’s day ended with a beautiful sunset and then a sky full of stars.DunesSunset

All and all it was a magical everyday adventure…


Where does magic appear in your everyday?



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