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I am just back from my Utah road trip with my hubby. Our time together adventuring are my favorite times we have together. Going away for road trips where each day rolls into the next and we’re still adventuring – well those are the best. It is nice to carve out space & time where you don’t have to get back to the regular tasks of life later in the day or the very next day.

So here we are (above) at Cliff Arch in Coyote Gulch – the fourth canyon we explored in Utah canyon country on our recent road trip. Don’t we look relaxed and happy? I know I felt that way – in spite of the physical exertion we expended each day.


We spent two nights in Coyote Gulch, and I knew we were on to something when we stopped just below a rock overhang, looked up to see pictographs and decided it was time to camp.

Can you see the figures painted on the rock in the image above? The Fremont indians inhabited this area from about 700 – 1300 AD, so we figure these were created by them way back when. They are quite high up now, but we could see where big chunks of rock had fallen away, and I imagined them standing on a rock shelf painting these figures. This area is quite remote and the paintings are faded, so I feel grateful to have been able to sleep below them.

tent-viewEach night when I woke and looked out of the tent I saw the big dipper just over head – between the rock wall and the trees. (Although I did not capture the scene when the big dipper was out the photo to left is my view from the tent. It was magical waking to see the big dipper over head.)

Sometimes adventures have not so easy parts, too, but there can be good lessons in those. Like the day we came into Coyote Gulch. We dropped our packs at our campsite – not sure really how far along we were because we had not reached the first arch (Jacob Hamblin Arch). We continued our hike down the canyon with a lighter load to find the arch.


It turned out to be another hour plus hike down the canyon, and on the way back I almost regretted that we had dropped our packs to camp so soon. I was tired and in tears for the last bit of the walk back to our camp that afternoon.

But when we reached the campsite and I was able to relax and take in the specialness of the spot we had chosen I could let go of the tears and exhaustion.

Toes-inCoyoteGulchCreekThe next day it was sunny and beautiful and we were able to walk through the creek – down to the Juggle Handle arch. Oh the fun of sloshing in the water on a warm sunny day; the beauty of the canyon walls; and the time with my sweetheart for just that, made for a glorious day.

The next morning when we woke to the rumble of thunder and then a bit of rain it was clear again why we chose the campsite we did. Our hike out was much shorter than if we’d hiked further down the canyon with our packs. Whew – as we also had 30 mile dirt road drive out that could have been treacherous or impossible if we didn’t beat the rain.

Hole in the Rock road was fine on our drive out, albeit jarring from the washboard. But we drove through much rain, and even snow, once we hit pavement – I don’t know what happened to the condition of the road then!

There is much more to my fun getaway, but what feels important to share today is the feeling of adventure and love I felt on the journey.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, colors and flavors.

Adventure — of what ever your favorite flavor — is important!
It adds a sense of excitement and unknown to your world; a way to add fun to your everyday.

Summer is a good time for adventure. What adventure can you create to add some unknown and fun to your everyday?





adventureP.S. I shared this adventure play sheet in my mountain mermaid tales enewsletter that just went out to subscribers yesterday. If you’d like a wee prompt for creating your adventure, I hope you’ll join my band of intrepid mermaids and you’ll receive a link to the adventure play sheet in the next edition of tales – along with whatever new play sheet I create and share. Click here to subscribe.


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Wild Unknown


In January I bought myself the present of the Wild Unknown tarot deck to celebrate the success of the 2015 Daily Musings Journals. I had been intrigued by tarot cards recently and this deck came recommended by Susannah Conway. As I was ready to make my purchase there was a 20% off sale so I knew this deck was for me, but little did I know it was just a precursor for my own wild unknown I was soon to embark on.

I fell in love with the beautiful line illustrations on the deck immediately, and in February I began making a sketch of the card illustration I picked for the week in my Daily Musings Journal — as a starting point for getting to know the deck.

daughter_ofCupsThe week of February 9 was when I started this ritual, and how interesting that I chose the Daughter of Cups — which the little information sheet I received said symbolized emotional & romantic — it was Valentine’s Day week.




The next week I drew the lion card — which symbolizes strength (patience, master of emotions, courage). I will always take that:)

Fast forward into March and April…and I now have a total of eleven illustrations in my Daily Musings Journal. I’ve been learning more about tarot from my new friends Monica Garcia & Vanessa Sage — who are both expert tarot readers, and own multiple decks. I met them when I joined the Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program in late March.

I had been looking to find support for bringing Mountain Mermaid Studios, RiverTown Press and the Daily Musings Journal to a new level, and this program felt (and feels:) just right.

Although I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the lovely creatives in the group from the private Facebook group we have, the program officially starts on Monday! It feels like there is a beautiful wild unknown unfolding before me.

Although I am not sure how this wild unknown (ad)venture will evolve, I plan to continue sharing my musings on my blog. It is my goal, though, to move this blog to my site — I am not sure of the timing, but I will keep you posted and I hope you will join me there.

You can also keep up with mountain mermaid studios new (ad)ventures by signing up to receive my monthly mermaid tales. I have several fun new ideas brewing…and my monthly tales will be the best way to receive news as it unfolds.

What wild unknown is brewing in your life? Please feel free to share in the comments — I always love to hear from you.

Thank you for being on this wild unknown journey with me.




P.S. I’m headed out on a little wild unknown adventure (= Utah desert road trip) with my hubby so it may be another few weeks before I’m back here again. I’ll be sure to report on our adventures when I’m back! Happy May!


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Going with the Flow…


On Friday I woke to two feet (yes you read that right) of new snow — right in town. Although the ski area was no longer open, I could see from their web cam that they had likely received a similar amount.

And although there were other to do’s on my agenda…

I couldn’t pass up this epic powder day (my hubby captured me giggling as I flowed right on down through the powder).


MeTop-ofGunbarrelTaking this unexpected snow day for pure powder bliss (oh yeah there was  some heavy-snow shoveling, too) was a good reminder to go with the flow. There was no way I could have predicted this epic snow was actually going to happen despite the weathermen calling for snow.

And now I am trying to let go of resistance and go with the flow

…as I create my piece Layering to Now (working title) piece for the Arts at the Library Challenge Show.

Layering to Now – work in progress for the Arts at the Library Challenge Show








…as I begin dreamstorming for a visual journaling e-course I want to share with you.

…as, like the spring snow storm, the unexpected happens each day.

When do you need to step back and just go with the flow?





P.S. I have a working title for the e-course I’m dreamstorming – it’s Cultivate & Capture Your Magic Moments. If you want to be the first to hear when it’s ready, I hope you’ll join my mermaid tales community. Just click here to sign-up.

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Taking the next step…even if you don’t see the whole path


I’ll bet many of you have seen the above quote by Martin Luther King. It’s a good one for sure.

And it’s a bit ironic that this piece I did a few years back in my art journal will be appearing in Dawn Devries Sokol’s new book A World of Artist Journal Pages that will released later this month (very exciting for me – it will be the first publishing of one of my pieces in a book!) as I feel like I’m bravely taking steps an important staircase!

Although I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m on my first step…I definitely can’t see the whole staircase. This often feels true in many areas of my life, and as I write this post I’m talking about my creative work.


This photo on the left shows the first layer I’ve put on a mini canvas I’m creating for Salida Artwalk. I’ve never been part of Artwalk’s Mini-Masterpiece Auction Show before, so these are new steps. (My first step was actually committing by getting the canvas.)

Today I added another layer to the canvas…so I’ve made it to step 3. I still can’t see the whole staircase, but I know I’m going to make it to the top.



I’m planning to participate the Salida Library annual Arts at the Library Challenge Show — which also has a deadline at the end of the month. Although I’ve known about the theme – Below the Surface – since, um, February I finally took the first step on creating this piece a few nights ago.


In the photo above you’re seeing the text that will be below the surface. Since I can’t see the whole staircase on this piece yet I don’t know for sure whether this text will be visible when I’m done – but I think it’s a good bet that is won’t be.


Jennifer Lee‘s annual Right Brainers in Business Video Summit last month asked ‘What’s next?’

What came next for me was joining her Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship program – which begins next month – because it feels like it is my year to dig deep for what’s next with mountain mermaid studios. I certainly can’t see the whole of this staircase either, but I feel supported to take the next step, and keep climbing the staircase – one step at a time. I look forward to inspiring you to create, play & thrive as I take more steps and grow mountain mermaid studios into who she is meant to be.

Can you see the next step on your important staircase? Do you feel supported in taking the next step? I hope you’ll find support for your next step. Perhaps my inspiration to create, play & thrive will help – I’d love to have you along on my journey.




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Growth Comes With Weeds


I’ve been roaming about my yard and flower gardens in recent days – looking for signs of growth and beauty. There have been a few gems — like the daffodil (above), but mostly I’m seeing last year’s dried and dead flowers and lots of weeds (you can even spot a notorious one from my neck of the Rocky Mountains just behind the daffodil).

As I contemplated how I wanted to approach tending my flower gardens this season (it’s a bit complicated because we’re going to begin some renovation on our house that will affect some areas of the yard) I was reminded how, this gardening thing can be a great metaphor in life.

Right now in my work I am beginning to expand my creative work offerings so they become an important part of my business. It is my dream – to inspire others to create play and thrive not only here through my musings (which I trust I do at least some of the time:) and my monthly mountain mermaid tales, but also with moola making products and services  – like the Daily Musings Journal.

With growth there will always be weeds
that need pulling out and discarding.

In my creative work some of those weeds include fear and old thinking patterns of not enough.

If I tend my flower garden well, this is what I might look forward to later this summer…


To help me tend my metaphorical garden, to achieve the beautiful growth I’m looking for, I’ve recently joined the Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Cohort Circle. This beautiful community will be my water and fertilizer this coming year, and I’m looking forward to the growth it will help me achieve.

Look for some changes and additions in the coming year. I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

How do you want to tend the metaphorical garden in your life to allow room for growth?

Happy spring – and happy gardening.



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