Personal Icons, Shapes & Lines


Another fun doodling option for the musings adventure squares are lines, shapes & icons. They can be used on their own or intermingled with your words & letters.

Over the years I’ve found there are several icons I return to again & again. If you’ve been hanging around this mermaid community for a little while you probably know that the bicycle is one of my favorites. I ride my bicycle just about everywhere, and I like to record my more memorable bicycle adventures in my journal.

My bicycle drawings are very simple & easy to draw.

I also love my little downward dog stick girl and the squiggly ski run lines I make. Adding the sun & snowflakes reminds me of a day’s weather. I have created a few examples on a page of the Musings Adventure Journal (image below), and I am sure there are many more that may have personal meaning for you.


I started drawing these simple icons several years back when I began my musings practice – when I felt intimidated I might mess something up these simple icons gave visual interest to my musings that were mostly words. They helped me remember what the day might have held without reading the words.

What are some of the activities that you might want to add to your doodles? Try drawing a simple icon for this activity, and begin using it on your doodle squares.

Symbols found on the internet can be good reference to get you started, too.
You do not have to create something that is completely realistic, and I encourage to make your icons something you can doodle easily and make your own.

RiverRising_smLines & Borders & Simple Shapes

In addition to creating icons I like to use curved lines that I add writing to, borders, and simple geometric shapes – circles, triangles, squares – to embellish my musings. Some times I just make a list with fun bullets and borders!

These simple shapes and borders are great for adding interest. They’ve already appeared in the musings I’ve posted earlier this week.

LongDayList-Border_smAs you may notice from the doodle squares I’m sharing – my doodles do not have design or symmetrical perfection. I start with one thing and have to fit it what I want or add something to make if fun. Although sometimes I’ll use a pencil to create a rough sketch I don’t generally plan out my squares in advance. I just begin – play & have fun…knowing that there is always another square, another moment to be in.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to play around and make up some fun doodle shapes, icons and lines. It’s amazing to me what these simple marks can transform into.

Wow –it’s Wednesday already! So far I’m really enjoying playing in my new Musings Adventure Journal! I have to admit I’m glad I invited you on this musings adventure – it forced me to put marker to paper in my brand new journal! If you’ve already ordered yours it is on its way…or will be shortly (depending on when you ordered).

And I hope you’re having fun with the play sheets I provided for the adventure in the mean time 🙂


What lines, shapes & marks can you doodle to represent something that has meaning for you?

I would love to hear about your musings adventure. Please share in the comments – you’ll be entered to win a set of Musings Adventure Journal stickers if you do!

See you back here tomorrow for some mini mandala making, and the link to visit to a guest blogger who will be sharing another fun doodle idea with you!!





stickers-journalP.S. More on the giveaways!
Each day between now and Thursday I’m giving away the stickers that come with the Musings Adventure Journal (one sheet of each — see image to the left). To be eligible just leave a comment on the daily post. For today’s entry please share how creating shapes, icons & borders went for you 🙂 You can also enter (or for an extra entry) by sharing your doodling squares on Instagram using the hashtag #musingsadventure – tag me, too, @lisa_deyoung. Be sure to reference musings adventure icons & shapes in your description, too. I’d love to see what you create! [Winners for each day will be chosen on Saturday May 28.]


P.S.S. If you haven’t ordered your Musings Adventure Journal yet, feel free to hop on over here to check out all the details and get yours today!

And if you haven’t signed up for the May Mini Musings Adventure and you want to play along – check out the deets here.



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2 responses to “Personal Icons, Shapes & Lines

  1. Jean MacDonald

    My journal is expected to arrive today. Am looking forward to starting to play. I love to do zen tangles so will use it to learn and remind myself of tangles I love. Also will be a fun way to document my travels and summer adventures. thanks for the motivation!

  2. My icon is a little stick person running up a hill!

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