Coffee & Journaling Go Together

…in more ways than one 🙂


Believe it or not — the background stencil for the page above was made with coffee!

CoffeeSprayBottleAll you need is a spray bottle, a packet of instant coffee and some water.

And voila…you have beautiful stencil paint. I love the rich brown color it provides, and it’s an easy to travel with this kind of ‘paint’, too.

I learned this trick in a recent workshop I took with Judith Cassel-Mamet, and this little spray bottle has been accompanying me on all of my camping overnights since.


On site (this was on the Solstice in Breckenridge, CO) and still wet


Playing with more nature on this coffee stencil page — I’m not sure it’s done quite yet, but it’s ready to share with you!


A small spot of coffee stencil on my 17th anniversary map

And here’s that other way that coffee and journaling go together for me…


…sitting with my journal and a beautiful, yummy latte!

If you’re not a coffee drinker, that’s OK. What goes best with your journal? Hmmm…it may be time to experiment with some other colorful cuisine 🙂





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5 responses to “Coffee & Journaling Go Together

  1. Oooh, I just LOVE the effects you’ve created! Just brilliant pages 🙂

  2. Coffee Art! Absolutely brilliant! I steal sips of hubby’s coffee now and then but my journaling sidekick is my morning smoothie (chocolate of course). Vuuuuugs!

  3. Jeannine S.

    This is so artistic! Can we make the same with fruit juices maybe? 🙂

    • Jeannine – thanks for stopping by to visit the mountain mermaid. I believe you could try this technique with fruit juices…powdered drinks. I don’t care for the thought of the sticky/sugary part so I will probably pass, but I’d love to here/see how it goes 🙂

  4. Thanks for the mention here! I adore what you have done with the simple technique. In response to the earlier post about fruit drinks; it is best to stay away from anything that has sugar. I have created sprays from un sweetened powdered mixes (Target carries a generic Kool Aid sort of drink) and the colors are OK. Anything with sugar will, in fact, leave a sticky, icky residue. However, red wine is fantastic (though you have to remember to pour some in before you start drinking). It will be pinker than expected. There are many other natural dyes to play with but I love the instant coffee best because it is easiest to get the concentration strong enough for good color. Your calligraphy compliments the pages so beautifully; I love your work!

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