Sometimes things get messy…


Jennifer Lee’s Right Brainers in Business 5th Annual Video Summit started on Monday. Jenn’s first guest was Lisa Congdon — whose work I adore. I also love how she is so real with sharing her life as a working artist. How it is sometimes messy and that it is important to embrace the messy, too.

muddy-steps_400Yesterday during the Video Summit Amethyst Wildfyre talked about spending time in your own nature.

Both of these takeaways struck me as ironic because as I was out hiking near my home over the weekend I was thinking how the muddy trails are a great metaphor for how life is some times – how this creative life I live, and juggling the work I want to do in the world with the play I need to do in my life can get awfully messy, just like the trails, some times.

Sometimes the natural world, and your own nature, can be pretty messy and this seems to mirror what I seem to be experiencing right now in life. And I am glad to be embracing the messy – inside and out!

Enjoy your messy & happy spring is coming.




feathers-sketchP.S. Part of my messy is learning to share my work with others – like you my friends. My next mermaid tales will be going out to my intrepid band of mermaids next week. I’d love to have you join us. This month I’m working with some fun feathers, and I’ve got a great play sheet created for you to print, color & enjoy! (in-process sketch on the left:) Click here to sign-up for my mountain mermaid tales.

P.S.S. The Right Brainers in Business Video Summit goes through next Friday, March 20. There is still time to sign-up and join in! I highly recommend it.


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