Going with the Flow…


On Friday I woke to two feet (yes you read that right) of new snow — right in town. Although the ski area was no longer open, I could see from their web cam that they had likely received a similar amount.

And although there were other to do’s on my agenda…

I couldn’t pass up this epic powder day (my hubby captured me giggling as I flowed right on down through the powder).


MeTop-ofGunbarrelTaking this unexpected snow day for pure powder bliss (oh yeah there was  some heavy-snow shoveling, too) was a good reminder to go with the flow. There was no way I could have predicted this epic snow was actually going to happen despite the weathermen calling for snow.

And now I am trying to let go of resistance and go with the flow

…as I create my piece Layering to Now (working title) piece for the Arts at the Library Challenge Show.

Layering to Now – work in progress for the Arts at the Library Challenge Show








…as I begin dreamstorming for a visual journaling e-course I want to share with you.

…as, like the spring snow storm, the unexpected happens each day.

When do you need to step back and just go with the flow?





P.S. I have a working title for the e-course I’m dreamstorming – it’s Cultivate & Capture Your Magic Moments. If you want to be the first to hear when it’s ready, I hope you’ll join my mermaid tales community. Just click here to sign-up.


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One response to “Going with the Flow…

  1. Lucinda Davis

    I loved the giggle!

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