Wild Unknown


In January I bought myself the present of the Wild Unknown tarot deck to celebrate the success of the 2015 Daily Musings Journals. I had been intrigued by tarot cards recently and this deck came recommended by Susannah Conway. As I was ready to make my purchase there was a 20% off sale so I knew this deck was for me, but little did I know it was just a precursor for my own wild unknown I was soon to embark on.

I fell in love with the beautiful line illustrations on the deck immediately, and in February I began making a sketch of the card illustration I picked for the week in my Daily Musings Journal — as a starting point for getting to know the deck.

daughter_ofCupsThe week of February 9 was when I started this ritual, and how interesting that I chose the Daughter of Cups — which the little information sheet I received said symbolized emotional & romantic — it was Valentine’s Day week.




The next week I drew the lion card — which symbolizes strength (patience, master of emotions, courage). I will always take that:)

Fast forward into March and April…and I now have a total of eleven illustrations in my Daily Musings Journal. I’ve been learning more about tarot from my new friends Monica Garcia & Vanessa Sage — who are both expert tarot readers, and own multiple decks. I met them when I joined the Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program in late March.

I had been looking to find support for bringing Mountain Mermaid Studios, RiverTown Press and the Daily Musings Journal to a new level, and this program felt (and feels:) just right.

Although I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the lovely creatives in the group from the private Facebook group we have, the program officially starts on Monday! It feels like there is a beautiful wild unknown unfolding before me.

Although I am not sure how this wild unknown (ad)venture will evolve, I plan to continue sharing my musings on my blog. It is my goal, though, to move this blog to my site — mountainmermaidstudios.com. I am not sure of the timing, but I will keep you posted and I hope you will join me there.

You can also keep up with mountain mermaid studios new (ad)ventures by signing up to receive my monthly mermaid tales. I have several fun new ideas brewing…and my monthly tales will be the best way to receive news as it unfolds.

What wild unknown is brewing in your life? Please feel free to share in the comments — I always love to hear from you.

Thank you for being on this wild unknown journey with me.




P.S. I’m headed out on a little wild unknown adventure (= Utah desert road trip) with my hubby so it may be another few weeks before I’m back here again. I’ll be sure to report on our adventures when I’m back! Happy May!



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4 responses to “Wild Unknown

  1. Have a great trip. Thanks for taking me with you on your creative adventure. Love to Tim!

  2. Happy adventuring! Intrigued by Tarot cards, these are lovely and yours are so creative! Vugs!

  3. I wish Cate could see these cards. They are beautiful!

  4. Somehow I missed this when you posted it. I love your sketches, and the way you make the cards your own!!!

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