A Mixed Bag of Summertime Moments


Wow — it is hard to believe it is already July 10!
Summer is cruising along so quickly, and life has felt unusually full since the last time I posted.

My weekdays have been full of working on my new Daily Musings Journal e-adventure. I’ve created this fr*e e-adventure, called Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure, to introduce you to the fun & simple creative journaling practice I have in my Daily Musings Journal. Sign-up will open in one week – I will definitely post about that here – and we begin on July 31.

Between the crazy rainstorms we’ve been experiencing in the Rocky Mountains I have snuck in a few bike rides.

wildflowers-trail_webThe wildflowers are incredible this year.


As is the lavender in my garden – beautiful & yummy smelling.


There has also been construction chaos – my hubby has been dodging rainstorms as he builds a new structure for the roof of our 115 year old house.


And Belfast Circus visitors, too – we’ve had the pleasure of hosting two of them at our house this week (I have yet to get a picture of all of us…but I must before they head home.)


There have even been a few quiet moments wading along the edge of the river.

What are your summertime moments filled with? (or whatever season it may be where you are:)

Be sure to savor each one.

And if you want to capture some of them with a little creative play be sure to sign-up for the Doodle Days of Summer Musings Adventure when it opens next Friday. I’d love to have you join in the fun.





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