Growth Comes With Weeds


I’ve been roaming about my yard and flower gardens in recent days – looking for signs of growth and beauty. There have been a few gems — like the daffodil (above), but mostly I’m seeing last year’s dried and dead flowers and lots of weeds (you can even spot a notorious one from my neck of the Rocky Mountains just behind the daffodil).

As I contemplated how I wanted to approach tending my flower gardens this season (it’s a bit complicated because we’re going to begin some renovation on our house that will affect some areas of the yard) I was reminded how, this gardening thing can be a great metaphor in life.

Right now in my work I am beginning to expand my creative work offerings so they become an important part of my business. It is my dream – to inspire others to create play and thrive not only here through my musings (which I trust I do at least some of the time:) and my monthly mountain mermaid tales, but also with moola making products and services  – like the Daily Musings Journal.

With growth there will always be weeds
that need pulling out and discarding.

In my creative work some of those weeds include fear and old thinking patterns of not enough.

If I tend my flower garden well, this is what I might look forward to later this summer…


To help me tend my metaphorical garden, to achieve the beautiful growth I’m looking for, I’ve recently joined the Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Cohort Circle. This beautiful community will be my water and fertilizer this coming year, and I’m looking forward to the growth it will help me achieve.

Look for some changes and additions in the coming year. I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

How do you want to tend the metaphorical garden in your life to allow room for growth?

Happy spring – and happy gardening.




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